SugarCRM has released a new feature that will save salespeople time Googling their prospects. ‘Hint’ is the debut product from the company’s new Relationship Intelligence product line. It lets end users provide only basic contact details (e.g. email, name, company) for an individual and then it automatically searches, tunes, and

In 2001 , Gartner estimated that at least half of all Salesforce Automation (SFA) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) projects would fail. By 2013, groups like Bain and Merkle were estimating that CRM failures were in excess of 60 per cent, with some estimates skyrocketing over 70. Have we come

CRM was once little more than a database of client interactions that a sales rep kept on their hard drive in various stages of decay. Full of cryptic notes and out-dated contacts, it was the epitome of the term GIGO (garbage in, garbage out). Today, CRM is at the core of

As customers engage with different advertising channels, marketers have been searching for innovative ways to identity them and market to them in a more personal way. One challenge has been around the friction involved in obtaining a customer’s personal information and permission to contact them. If the ask is not

Welcome to Which-50’s first Deepdive Report — a joint initiative between KINSHIP digital and Which-50 in which we track the social chatter on major trends in the digital marketplace to reveal the key voices driving industry debate. CRM and associated systems such as data analytics and marketing technology are growing