Research by consumer credit marketplace ClearScore reveals that missed repayments on Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services have increased by 83 per cent in the past eight months.  ClearScore’s survey follows ASIC’s investigation in late 2020 into the BNPL sector, revealing that the total amount of credit had doubled in

NAB has helped strengthen the growth prospects of Brighte, a digital credit platform that facilitates payment plans for solar energy, batteries and home improvements, by helping it secure $130 million to meet increasing demand for its products. NAB arranged a $130 million asset-backed securitisation warehouse and this month provided $80

Analytics can help marketers serve the needs of three distinct groups of stakeholders: internal team members, customers, and prospects (or members and future members in the language of credit unions). That’s the view of Lynne Jarman Johnson, CMO of one of the top credit unions in the US state of

Retail banks are under major pressure world wide from innovative startups and in the transaction space in particular, they “hardly have a chance” according to a senior European Credit Suisse executive who also argues that Private Banking is a little different. In an interview on the bank’s own web site, Marco

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, has been trialing its own credit card for some time and now it is ready to ramp it up.  Given the $75bn in 2013 sales (and growing in 2014), the Card divisions of all banks (except maybe Chase…the bank behind the Amazon card) should