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This year global digital advertising spends will smash through the $300 billion threshold, before ballooning to almost $420 billion by 2022. According to eMarketer, which published the figures, within two years digital will absorb the majority of the world’s advertising spend. That should mean happy days for the media buyers

Marketers are struggling to get the balance right between great creative and data-driven digital advertising. According to a new report from adtech company Sizmek, 67 per cent of marketers believe that the “digital growth in advertising has come at the expense of the quality of creative”. The study, Marketers Survey

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In May, the IAB released version 1.0 of its Dynamic Content Ad Standard – only seven short years after its first OpenRTB spec. That 84-month lag points to the relative status of dynamic creative and programmatic targeting. Pity the poor creative, which has inspired comments over the years mostly on its unfulfilled potential. As the IAB admits in

With digital advertising campaigns the tail may be long, but it is not very lucrative. Instead, 80 per cent of all conversions happen within the first day of a consumer becoming exposed to the creative — anywhere across the web, online video, social or mobile. That’s a key finding from