Australia’s top scientists will use data from the National Broadband Network to assess and  accelerate digital transformations across several industries. NBN CO and the CSIRO today announced a new partnership for several research projects, beginning with an examination of Australians’ use of digital channels during the pandemic. Initially the CSIRO’s

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Some Microsoft staff will be permitted to routinely work from home from now on, the software giant announced over the weekend, showing more enduring change from the the pandemic. Some Microsoft employees in Australia have been returning to local offices over the last two months but working from home remains

C-suite executives say COVID-19 has accelerated their digital plans by as much as a decade in a matter of months, according to a poll by McKinsey & Company.  The digitisation of an organisation’s offerings accelerated by seven years on average around the world because of COVID-19 and subsequent restrictions, according

While COVID-19 and subsequent social distancing restrictions have triggered a boom for digital services, many Australian consumers intend to revert to in person experiences when it is safe to do so, according to a global survey by ForgeRock. The identity management provider says it has created an imperative for businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered the greatest business technology spending rush in history, with organisations dropping as much as US$15 billion each week to support a shift to remote work. But technology leaders say they will need to reign much of that spend back in over the next year and cybersecurity

HR platform company Employment Hero has announced a new marketing director to help lead the company through its transition into a COVID-19 resource service.  Employment Hero raised millions to develop and sell its cloud based payroll and benefits management tools but says it has now “pivoted its business model” to

Data security, videoconferencing and cloud enterprise solutions have become the top tech focus for companies in Australia, which saw the APAC region’s highest rate of focus on enabling a remote workforce in the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new research by Plantronics, Inc. The research was conducted in partnership with advisory

Taiwan’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been among the world’s best. With a population almost the size of Australia’s, the island nation has reported only 496 confirmed cases of the disease and no locally acquired infections for months. The unlikely heroes of Taiwan’s success are “civic tech hacktivists”: coders

It’s surprising how quickly public opinion can change. Winding the clocks back 12 months, many of us would have looked at a masked individual in public with suspicion. Now, some countries have enshrined face mask use in law. They’ve also been made compulsory in Victoria and are recommended in several

Technology leaders have serious concerns about their budgets as COVID-19 lockdowns force IT spending to rise in almost all Australian organisations, according to new research from Rackspace Technology. And as budgets bite, innovation and transformation projects are being sacrificed, along with some security projects. For its latest report, Preventing Cloud