Sydney remains the epicentre of the COVID-19 delta variant outbreak in Australia. The city remains under lockdown, crushing economic activity and causing mental anguish and untold damage to the lives of its people. Reports are filtering in that the NSW cabinet is contemplating varying lockdown provisions across the greater metropolitan

Playing games with friends is fun! Games underpin many social occasions throughout our lives, teaching lessons to children while bringing together friends and family to socialise and compete. What makes playing these games compelling is not just the competition or the skill, but the social connections built during the game.

As more organisations consider consolidating their office footprint and choosing hubs for their hybrid workforce, it is critical for HR leaders to inject talent intelligence into location strategy decisions. Location decisions are typically driven by financial factors like real estate, costs, corporate taxes or government incentives, with talent considerations taking

One year after the first COVID lockdown, research from HireVue suggests that Australian HR leaders are prioritising diversity and inclusion, as well as automating the hiring process.  The HireVue Global Hiring Landscape surveyed 1100 hiring leaders in Australia, the US and the UK to better understand how the hiring process

A recent study by McKinsey & Company suggests that consumer preferences, technology and regulation have transformed the mobility sector as a result of COVID-19.  Passengers concerned about hygiene and safety have turned away from public transport, and are favouring private modes of travel — including bikes, scooters and even private

Despite the fact that COVID-19 hit Australia less severely than other parts of the world, only slightly more than one in ten employees felt fully engaged with the workforce in 2020. That’s a key finding from a recent study by HR research institute ADP, which sought to examine the impact

“We have a really fantastic opportunity in Australia to be leading with digital, to be leading with innovation,” says Nhung Mason, Managing Director of Accenture’s Retail & Consumer practice.  Accenture recently conducted a CXO Pulse Survey to determine the attitude of the C-Suite toward the COVID-19 recovery. The findings suggest

Facebook today banned misinformation about vaccines from its platform, following years of unfounded claims spreading and multiplying on the world’s biggest social network. The platform has been a breeding ground and echo chamber for anti-vaccination theories and more recently COVID-19 misinformation. But the company has until recently largely refused to

While COVID vaccine rollout news garners plenty of media attention in a world desperate to move on from the pandemic as soon as possible, the nature of the coverage is often sensational (a Wisconsin pharmacist deliberately trashed vaccines!) or short-sighted (obsessing over present-day supply chain challenges). Whether anxiously angling for vaccinations

Despite warnings of billions of dollars going to waste and funding criminal activity, the understanding of advertising fraud remains varied across businesses. Even some of the businesses that do understand the scope of the problem consider it an unavoidable “additional cost” to advertising online, and see little incentive in cleaning