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The customer is not always right, but they must be heard — so says business strategist Jay Baer. To do this, companies need to flip their view of complaints as a problem and instead see them as a gift. “People who complain are actually taking their time to tell us

Hisense Australia today announced the appointment of Filtered Media as its brand storytelling agency, effective immediately. It comes as the Chinese consumer electronics and home appliances manufacturer makes a concerted push around the globe thanks to recent high profile sponsorships that include Red Bull Racing Formula One, the 2016 Formula 1

ADMA launched the ADMA Content Collaborative this week, a new advisory group to develop resources and tools for the practice of content marketing. This will include the development of a measurement framework to demonstrate the return on investment (ROI) of content marketing. Subscribe today: Sign up for  Which-50’s Irregular Insights

A newly appointed Chief Marketing Officer recently asked for my opinion about his firm’s content marketing. He was surprised when I questioned whether his new employer understands the meaning of the term. Content Marketing. It’s one of the most over-used buzzwords yet the Marketing Dictionary, published by Oxford University Press,

We have hit an inflection point where technology is now so pervasive and so useful that we’re past the tipping point. This is a fundamental shift that has redefined the rules of the game. The digital era is the face of this new game. One of the core characteristics of

As display advertising engagement weakens and content marketing growth expands, brands and publishers are using increasingly sophisticated tools to build consumer engagement. While the neuroscience approach has been frowned upon due to a lack of scale and scientific accuracy, the analysis of facial emotional response seems to offer a new

Being consistent in creating and distributing content is a cornerstone of successful content marketing. It’s something we have talked about for a long time, often expressed in phrases like “content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint” – but even so it continues to be a problem for a lot

As Native Advertising Days gets under way in Copenhagen is important to reflect on the question What is good native advertising? One of best ways of answering that question is to take a look at what Netflix have been doing with it in recent years. Not only are they creating great content, they’ve also