Brands in digital TV have a tendency to overcomplicate things for advertisers. They feel the need to use certain technologies just because they are available, according to Patrick Darcy, CEO at Cadreon. He said, “an advance in technology — certainly programmatic, data or addressability — because there’s changes in technology,

Digital video advertising delivers strong brand awareness in both premium and user generated content (UCG) environments, a new study by GroupM and Kantar has found. The research showed the importance of tailoring advertising assets to specific environments to front-load brand messaging in environments where ads may be skipped or ended

“On the one hand information wants to be expensive, because it’s so valuable,” Steward Brand once famously observed, although all we remember these days is a bastardization of the end of his quote – that information wants to be free. Details, details, people. Brand was more right than you might

Organisations need to move beyond traditional advertising and harness their ability to produce truly authentic, credible and relevant content says management consulting group Accenture. According to new research from Accenture Interactive group, called “You Are Your Content” quality content is the single most important driver of brand engagement. Take our Which-50 reader

All the energy and investment you commit to automating digital experiences at scale may be for naught if you’ve failed to pay adequate attention to the content supply chain. Why? Because the content supply chain is the rate limiter to digital marketing maturity. Targeting and personalising experiences requires content—lots of

Marketers are shifting their focus from content creation to content experience. That’s the view of Uberflip CEO and co-founder, Yoav Schwartz. He was speaking at the company’s Uberflip Experience (UFX) conference currently underway in Toronto. According to Schwartz there is no shortage of high quality content, however “It’s not just

Content is dead: Discuss Content is at the centre of today’s digital world, yet the people who make it are inclined to say with great confidence that content is worthless. How does that work? We have people in formerly rich, influential media companies — newspapers, magazines and lately TV —

The rise of the brand media house The digital advertising industry is in the midst of significant transformation and it being driven by brands increasingly focusing on content and data. In recent times we have seen the rise of in-house publishing house with big brands poaching top-talent journalists in droves

Wow. Media intelligence firm Isentia has announced it has acquired content marketing company King Content for a deal reported to be $48 million. The acquisition further diversifies Isentia’s services across owned and earned media in one of the fastest growing segments of the communications and marketing industries. King Content is

Remember all the fuss about Serial? The podcast was instantly cool when it hit the iTunes store in late 2014.  And for good reason. Serial is produced by the people behind This American Life, and if there’s one thing those guys do well it’s tell compelling stories. So it doesn’t