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Several high profile Australian businesses brought contact centres back on shore in 2020, keen to deliver better customer experiences and integrate the support division into business processes. But don’t expect the recent trend – which include enterprise giants like Westpac and Telstra – to last, says Avaya, a leading provider

NICE inContact has announced that Gartner has recognised the company as a leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) report. The company was positioned the highest overall for its ability to execute. The report evaluates CCaaS providers that can serve customers around the

Having been one of the sectors hardest hit by the chaos of COVID-19, contact centres are now grappling with what the future will look like, and how to adapt operations to ensure they not only avoid similar disruptions but thrive in the face of the next crisis. Call volumes exploded

As the COVID shutdown wreaked havoc upon business, and in particular contact centres, companies found themselves confronting three distinct phases: respond, recover, and ideally thrive. That’s the subject of an ebook published by Deloitte entitled The Contact Centre Of 2030 Can’t Wait, It’s Now… According to the authors of the

As COVID-19 impacts businesses globally, many are turning to cloud-based contact centre technology to help deal with the increase in inquiries. For some, it may be the first time they have used or needed this technology. Rod Lester, Managing Director at NICE ANZ, said that in recent weeks NICE has

Frederick F Reichheld, the inventor of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) famously observed a decade ago that 80 per cent of CEOs believe they are providing their customers with great service, but that only 8 per cent of their customers agreed. Years later, though this sentiment remains unchanged, this is

National Australia Bank now has a “brand voice”, a unique, lifelike sounding automated speech capability for its contact centres powered by cloud computing giant Amazon Web Services. The NAB voice, which can read out text in a natural way, sounds like a male Australian which, the bank says, is consistent

Organisations move to the cloud for various reasons, but one of the more important is that the cloud gives them the opportunity to increase revenue through better service delivery and improved customer service. A recently published whitepaper by NEC, Cloud Migration and Contact Centre Solutions covered the benefits brands get when they

While issues like total cost of ownership, and a desire to avoid capital expenditure might lead businesses to look into cloud computing initially, many executives rapidly come to understand that cloud computing also offers the opportunity to increase revenue through better service delivery and improved customer experience. This is especially

While many of the drivers of cloud migration are common across government and enterprise, each has a slightly different set of priorities. Typically both are concerned about cost, risk, speed of innovation, and improving the customer experience — though the emphasis they place on each of these tends to differ.