consumer trust

Consumer trust is a complex conversation as it works on many levels depending on where – and on how – a brand operates in the business spectrum. But there is no disguising the importance of organising your development or transformation around customers needs. For three brands – Xinja, Lion and

As Australia’s financial services industry grapples with the fallout from a disturbing Royal Commission, banks may be well served to look to the UK sector. According to new research from Accenture, trust in UK banks is at its highest since 2012. Much of the renewed trust is down to effective

When it comes to deciding whether to stick with a brand or walk away it turns out that consumers rate privacy, transparency, and trust more highly than customer service. The findings are contained in a global study by SAP Hybris of 20,000 consumers.   According to Johann Wrede, Global Vice President,

Customer data

Typically issues concerning the use of data by companies have been viewed – and managed – largely as a function of legal compliance. The emphasis has been on staying safely inside the rules, not on delivering the best outcome to customers. These issues where covered off in a DGA round