A world-first code of practice for the burgeoning Buy Now Pay Later industry came into effect in Australia today, aiming to strengthen best practice for a sector under growing scrutiny. Drafted by the Australian Finance Industry Association and its members like Afterpay, Zip, Klarna and Humm, the code sets out

The current pandemic highlighted what customers really cherished – including it seems toilet paper, pasta and gallons of hand sanitiser, and it also brought about an increase in ecommerce spending.  For marketers who had obsessed over customer experience and engagement for the last few years that meant recalibrating the relationship

This week Australian retailers of all varieties are offering Black Friday discounts, but the growing popularity of the sale, which originated in the US, has created new competitive pressures for local retailers. The drive for these types of sale events came originally from the retailer according to David White, national

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As brands struggle to meet rising customers expectations, humans are proving far more disruptive than technology, argues Tiffani Bova, growth & innovation evangelist at Salesforce.  Speaking at the Online Retailer conference in Sydney this week, Bova told delegates that ultimately, consumers want more.  “We want an app that can do

As consumers face an ever-rising tide of communication and messaging across multiple touchpoints, it is imperative for brands to apply a consumer-first approach to become more relevant, personalised and compelling. Today, cutting-edge platforms are enabling marketers to apply a consumer-first approach wherein the right message can be delivered at the

The Chatter Report: a global digital consumer survey, the most socially engaged companies, big data and BYOD Accenture’s global digital consumer survey, Forrester’s views on BYOD and big data, a McKinsey report into how governments can help startups, and a LinkedIn study into socially engaged companies were the big research

Only two years ago three quarters of consumers nominated desktops and laptop computers as the most important device they needed to connect to the Internet. Today those old clunkers can’t even scrape together a majority. Instead, smartphones top the poll — and with new devices coming online all the time,

Life would be so much easier without customers. Their expectations never stop rising, and in an era when cost to entry for many markets is effectively zero, new providers are helping to cultivate an environment of near comical disloyalty. (Ask any Groupon vendor, if you want to know what that

The recent launch of the Missoni for Target collection in Australia certainly had an Applesque moment, with customers excitedly queuing from as early as 5am outside their local store. Meanwhile, more eager customers were waiting for the collection to launch online, their personalized wish list at the ready to shop.

Yesterday Apple revealed Apple Pay, along with its intention to have a red hot go at the market for mobile payment services. But the question remains: are consumers ready? Opinion is divided about how successful the company will be. Those focusing on its track record and finance industry relationships are