Spalding Amazon

The most important trait for a professional working in digital marketing or ecommerce is empathy. It’s the driver to keep improving customer experiences in a world that’s continuously redefined by technology. That’s the view of Matt Day, Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Manager Spalding, the world’s largest basketball equipment maker. “When

MktgCloudEinstein Salesforce

How frequently should marketers contact their customers? And what’s the best time to send a marketing email? Those are some of the questions Salesforce hopes its new AI-powered features will answer for its customers. The company unveiled several new marketing capabilities at the company’s Connections conference in Chicago this week.

Building multiple digital connections with grocery customers dramatically increases the share of spend a retailer can capture from customers, but even a single digital connection pays big dividends. This is a key finding from a survey by BrickmeetsClick of 22,000 shoppers across six brand retailers in the US. The report