CMO Council

As the COVID-19 forces companies to halt trade shows, gatherings and events globally, digital content has become essential in driving business opportunities, marketing education and customer engagement , according to a new report from the CMO Council. The report, Making Content Marketing Convert noted marketing organisations lack the necessary capabilities

Brand versus performance marketing

If you want to see an insurgent digital company that ticks all the boxes of contemporary Internet nomenclature, it would be hard to go past Zuper. An innovative fintech, its members sit at the core of the business, crowdsourcing the expertise needed to pick trends, build products and even help

Attribution, ROI

As brand advertising takes on more of the characteristics of performance, inevitably there will be a push to more directly attribute sales to a category of marketing spend that has avoided such scrutiny in the past. We asked sell and buy-side marketers around the region how likely this is. The future of advertising is

Google brand safety

A poor approach to brand safety will cost companies sales according to a new study called “How Brands Annoy Fans.” The researchers looked at digital brand safety from the consumer’s perspective and found that consumers are punishing even preferred brands if they don’t use trusted media platforms or take active

Australia’s marketers are regional champions across a broad range of measures when it comes to digital execution, according to the 2014 CMO Council digital dashboard released last month. But a skill gap remains. Importantly, that success is built on strong engagement from the C-suite —  demonstrating, perhaps for the first