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NEXTDC continued its rollout of data centres today with the opening of the new M2 facility in Tullamarine near Melbourne. reported last week that NEXTDC had opened a similar facility, the Brisbane B2 data centre.  Organisations connecting to Google Cloud from M2, like those using B2, will directly benefit from direct, highly

NEXTDC Limited (ASX: NXT) announced this morning that its B2 Brisbane data centre is the newest Cloud Interconnect location for Google Cloud, becoming Queensland’s first locally available cloud access location.  The introduction of this new Cloud Interconnect location at B2 is a milestone for the Queensland market. The facility will deliver ultra-low-latency and secure

Cape York indigenous rangers and Australian scientists are protecting turtles in far north Queensland by identifying and mapping nests and predators with drones, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. The process saves hundreds of hours of manual work and is helping stabilise turtle populations in Cape York. Feral pigs have been

With Cloud services offering a massive variety of infrastructure, platform and software options, choosing the best fit for your business is a huge challenge. Once you make that choice, you’re then faced with the task of onboarding that new tool in a way that ensures the security and safety of

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Businesses are migrating in increasing numbers from on-premises data storage to the public Cloud to avoid a large capital expenditure outlay. They also benefiting from dynamic, cost-effective ‘pay-as-you-go’ computing and native security features. Cloud is a flexible and highly available resource, which has led to its phenomenal growth — yet

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It’s not the large that eats the small — it’s the fast that eats the slow. This is true in the animal kingdom and it’s true in business. Over the last two decades, as technology has become an enabler of change and driven the development of new business models, countless

Vendor revenue from sales of IT infrastructure products (server, enterprise storage, and Ethernet switch) for cloud environments, including public and private cloud, increased 9.4 percent year over year in the third quarter of 2020 (3Q20). The figures are contained in the latest International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure

Alibaba Cloud, the digital technologies arm of Alibaba Group, unveiled a series of innovative products at its 12th annual Apsara Conference, saying it wants to help people adapt to the more digitised world and accelerate customers’ digital transformation during and after the pandemic. The Chinese tech giant revealed its first

Government technology leaders understand that building a viable Cloud infrastructure in Canberra requires the support of industry — but they also recognize that they are not always the easiest customer to work with. These issues surfaced during our research into the creation of the “Perceptions of Cloud Computing in Government”

While IT leaders understand the benefits of Cloud computing, there remains a lot of trepidation and misunderstanding about how it can be best used. That was the view expressed by Canberra’s IT leaders — even those who are generally supportive of Cloud computing — when the Which-50 Digital Intelligence Unit