Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) this week announced a partnership with digital workflow company ServiceNow, allowing customers to access Oracle Cloud resources through the ServiceNow portal.  With this integration, ServiceNow users will be able to manage their cloud strategies, including Oracle and other cloud provider resources, on a single dashboard, using

If you have followed my blog you will know that I have a view that might not align with the broader view.  Such is the life of an analyst.  Some years ago I recognized that Oracle’s cloud strategy was never going to hinge on its ability to dominate infrastructure.  Its

Oracle’s new local managing director has taken the reigns at a time of great disruption but is eyeing even more change, hoping to organise the company around the customer – not historically a point of strength of the IT incumbent. Cherie Ryan, Vice President and Regional Managing Director, Oracle ANZ

As the old saying goes: even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. Innovation entails risk. To do something genuinely innovative, genuinely transformative, you have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone. A lot of Australian organisations are being held

Since committing to a cloud skills program in 2018 National Australia Bank says it has trained 7,000 staff in the technology, including 1,300 to a certification level, marking a stark turnaround for the bank that just a few years ago outsourced almost all its cloud skills. NAB formed a “Cloud

VMware and Accenture today announced a multiyear partnership to launch a dedicated business group for accelerating customers’ cloud migrations, as the global consultancy leans further into businesses’ cloud journeys. The “Accenture VMware Business Group” will sit within Accenture’s Cloud First division – a $3 billion investment from the consultancy over

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Businesses, large and small, are embracing the Cloud. No matter which research company, vendor or expert you consult, everyone agrees that about four in every five enterprise workloads are either already in the Cloud or will be within the next few months. That means the best-practice security strategy you established

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A successful digital transformation that leverages Cloud technologies is about more than simply slashing the capital IT budget and handing over the operational costs to business units. And it’s about far more than simply changing where your applications run. Moving to the Cloud is an opportunity to transform your business

With more than 200,000 sensors at its Pluto LNG in Western Australia, Woodside Energy is using SAP asset and maintenance data to optimise the plant and maintenance. Yet, while the company has been data-driven for a long time, its analytics were performed in deep silos of expertise — which limited

AMP is migrating all of its remaining on premise environments to the AWS public cloud to increase its speed of service and scalability, the financial services company announced Thursday. An early adopter of cloud technology, AMP began moving applications and workloads to the cloud in 2012 and currently has over