Most CIOs in Australia and New Zealand received additional funding for digital innovation during the pandemic and two thirds expect it to increase next year. But overall budgets are flat for 2021. That’s according to Gartner, which polled more than 1,800 CIOs around the world, including 111 in ANZ, for

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered the greatest business technology spending rush in history, according to the KPMG and Harvey Nash’s annual CIO survey, now in its 22nd year. Read more: CIO Survey Reveals Pandemic Triggered Biggest Tech Spend In History But while organisations were spending as much as US$15 billion each

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered the greatest business technology spending rush in history, with organisations dropping as much as US$15 billion each week to support a shift to remote work. But technology leaders say they will need to reign much of that spend back in over the next year and cybersecurity

One of the key challenges organisations face when looking to commission security projects is the prospect of having to justify the large spend to the board. It’s difficult to present complex security problems in business language that will resonate with business leaders. The question of “What metrics are useful to

Technology has been at the centre of business continuity plans during the COVID-19 crisis and will play a key role in navigating the path to recovery, but amid a prolonged period of uncertainty, the challenge for technology leaders is choosing which playbook to follow.  According to research from Gartner, survival,

Forrester has urged technology budget holders to prepare their “recession playbook” and optimise spending to navigate the transition from the era of strong tech growth in 2018 to the more difficult environments of 2020 and 2021. In a new report, Forrester has significantly revised its Australian technology spend forecast in

IT and marketing are normally seen as different ends of a spectrum, but when the Chief Marketing Officer and the Chief Information Officer come together, their union can create a culture where teams can work together.  Both sides clearly have the best interests of the business at heart — but

COVID-19 has disrupted operations and will have prolonged impacts on continuity of operations, modes of working and growth patterns. CIOs need to respond to the crisis with both short- and long-term actions to increase resilience against future disruptions and prepare for rebound and growth. Impacts Organisations face challenges to the

If digital transformation is, in part, a technology transformation; then the CIO should play a major role. It is simple logic, given the CIO’s responsibilities and resources. Simple logic should create simple advice. When it comes to advice for the CIO, none of it is simple. On the surface, we

Over the last decade the proliferation of consumer technology has had an ancillary effect on enterprise IT and its respective executives, according to Pure Storage CIO Cathy Southwick.  While consumer tech has highlighted the value of technology throughout an organisation it has brought with it new expectations, creating new pressure