Chrome, far and away the world’s most used browser, is planning to phase out third party cookies within two years, the company announced today. Google admitted its browser’s use of third party cookies, which covertly track users across the web, is now out of step with consumers’ expectations of privacy,

Shares in retargeting company Criteo have taken a dive after it was reported that Google is considering changes to its ad tools that would make it more difficult to target ads through its Chrome browser. If true it will be the third technology industry giant to have introduced changes hostile

Apple appears to be bracing itself for a turf-war with the ad-tech community, stepping in to protect its users from Facebook’s increasingly nefarious privacy practices via an upgrade to its Safari browser across mobile and desktop. At this week’s annual WWDC conference, Apple’s SVP of software, Craig Federighi announced that

Google has begun preventing ads running on its Chrome browser that violate the Better Ads Standards. The search giant says the ultimate goal is not to block ads but to improve the experience for all web users. The Better Ads Standards are based on public consumer research by the Coalition

Microsoft long ago lost control of the browser market, where it once commanded over 80 per cent market share. Now it has also lost market share leadership in the US. Chrome’s moment has arrived. (Chrome is already dominant outside of the US due to the popularity of Android devices.) According