The emergence of cloud based digital services gave business managers the world over the ability to by pass their IT departments, a trend that spelled doom for Dr No. Unfortunately all those shiny new digital baubles need to shine in synch. There’s no avoiding it any longer. We have to

Research about the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and the importance of algorithms where the most popular conversation starters this week when it came to the latest digital research from top consulting and analyst firms. And when it comes to gender equality around the board room table McKinsey reveals, “Not

Rise of the machines: The digital research Chatter Report Michael Knight meets Dick Tracey this week as driverless cars and internet watches dominate the online chit chat around the latest digital research.  McKinsey &Co released their latest views on self driving cars, saying the benefits will be dramatic, while Forrester

The Chatter Report: a global digital consumer survey, the most socially engaged companies, big data and BYOD Accenture’s global digital consumer survey, Forrester’s views on BYOD and big data, a McKinsey report into how governments can help startups, and a LinkedIn study into socially engaged companies were the big research

The analyst Chatter Report – the most influential digital transformation research shared this week The rise of megacities, the future of work, the primacy of the customer experience and the growing importance of Pinterest and Instagram headline our research analyst Chatter Report this week. Each week, the KINSHIP digital/Which-50 analyst

The ecommerce Chatter Report: higher conversion rates, commercial property troubles and consumer protection Improving customer conversion rates, the impact of ecommerce on commercial property, and trends in the US online shopping experience led the social chit-chat this week in our ecommerce Chatter Report. Each weekday the KINSHIP digital/Which-50 Chatter Report

Overwhelmingly consumers do not believe brands ‘get them’ as individuals. That is how Advertising Age summed up a recent IBM/Econsultancy study in an article headlined “Amid Digital Disruption, Brands Need to ‘Hire’ Their Customers” . The story was one of several to dominate the digital chatter online this week. Each

Concerns about internet security, the relative popularity of private cloud providers and the ever present issue of customer experience feature highly in research released and discussed this week by the leading industry pointy heads. Accenture, Forrester and Gartner all prompted high levels of social chit chat online with their latest

Malcolm Turnbull does it again, topping the pops in our Digital Transformation Chatter Report. Turnbull is the only Australian ever to reach such lofty heights, and now he has done it twice,  this time courtesy of the announcement of the search for the new government digital chief. Each weekday the

With little fan fare Uber and the cause of disruption generally achieved a unique and telling milestone this month when the number of Uber cars in New York city over took the population of the Big Apple’s iconic yellow cab fleet. But the cabbies still hold a clear lead in