Nearly one fifth of the 21st century is behind us already – gosh time flies. Generation Z, those who were born in the 2000s, are now entering the workforce as adults. I wonder what the term “IT” means to them? If they learn by listening to office conversation, they would

How do we align strategy and execution? How do we focus our organisation on the right things? The phrasing and context vary but the fundamental question about confirming marketing is supporting key business strategies continues to be a significant source of anxiety for many marketing leaders. Register now for Which-50’s webinar

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Most would assume marketers would have a strong perception of marketing in a company however a Marketo report says that is not entirely the case. The report, Marketing 2025: The future of skills and technology in marketing across Australia and New Zealand CEOs had more stronger responses to positive statements on marketing than

The rise of new digital competitors and business models has ushered in tremendous change for the CIO role. Once viewed as obstructionists, research shows they are increasingly taking on more strategic roles within their organisation as digital transformations progress. Now new research shows that almost nine out of 10 CIOs

Easy Button

Here’s something CEOs and other business leaders say — and seemingly without much forethought: “Of course, technology is the easy bit.” It’s one of those trite phrases that gets picked up and repeated in everyday corporate life, as if they were statements of obvious truth and wisdom, upon which we

We live in a disrupted age. For those already struggling, the situation is unlikely to improve.  Indeed, listen to management consultants like McKinsey and Company, and they will tell you all value chains will be disrupted. But we are not so much accelerating towards entropy, as replacing an old order

There are as many CEOs of ASX200-listed companies with a background in technology as there are female chief executives. Not many. The recently released Robert Half CEO Tracker found that only 6 per cent of ASX200-listed CEOs have a background in technology, compared with 50 per cent who have background

More CEOs are being sacked for ethical lapses thanks to increased public scrutiny and accountability of executives. Turnovers due to ethical lapses rose from 3.9 per cent of all successions in 2007–11 to 5.3 per cent in 2012–16 — a 36 per cent increase, according to the 2016 CEO Success

Digital touches all areas of the business — operations, finance, marketing, sales, customer engagement, and IT. With experience in all of these areas, the Chief Digital Officer is brilliantly positioned for the CEO shortlist. Digital is the way of the marketplace today. One look at our hyper-connected, data-driven ways of

Todd Forest appointed Clipp CEO Todd Forest, an experienced angel investor and former Microsoft executive, is the newly appointed CEO of Clipp, an Australian developer of an app that allows people to pay for food and drinks using their smartphone. Clipp has signed over 200 venues in less than six