Bosch and Microsoft are working together to make adding new safety features and digital services to a car as simple as updating a phone.  Under a new partnership, the pair will create a new software platform connecting Microsoft’s Azure cloud with Bosch’s software modules to be used in over the

Smart cars will soon be able to pay for tolls and fuel, driving a big increase in transaction volume for the emerging category of IoT payments. The IoT payments market is tipped to grow at an average of 75 per cent per annum over the next five years; reaching $410

Car companies are like publishers, or the craft businesses that once made horse buggies: they are stuck trying to maintain a business model that is obsolete. They need to sell more cars, with higher-priced spare parts and more features, with built-in obsolescence, to make more profit. They build their brands

With little fan fare Uber and the cause of disruption generally achieved a unique and telling milestone this month when the number of Uber cars in New York city over took the population of the Big Apple’s iconic yellow cab fleet. But the cabbies still hold a clear lead in

Cars are expensive, and mostly sit idle. They are also risky and usually a pain to drive in traffic. Socially, the cost of accident damage and injury and congestion is in the trillions of dollars world-wide. So why do people buy cars? As a status symbol. For freedom. To express

As car manufacturers start planning for driverless cars they want liability to reside with the owner – unlike Google which has taken a different tack. Welcome tot the world of adjustable ethics settings. That’s right, you get to choose who to kill. Patrick Linhas recently posted a piece in Wired