With COVID-19 recently declared as a pandemic, workplaces need to think long and hard about their strategies for the foreseeable future.  Roberta Witty, VP analyst at Gartner who specialises in security and privacy said there are a number of things businesses can do, beginning with establishing an emergency or crisis

A third of businesses believe innovation should be at the core of an organisation however, budget, staff resistance and cybersecurity concerns are in the way, according to a new index report.  The Ricoh 2020 Workplace Innovation Index conducted by StollzNow examines the challenges and opportunities innovating and adapting to change

Two-thirds of net Australian businesses created in the past decade were founded by women, according to a new Xero report.  The Xero Boss Insights 2020 report released today provides an analysis of ABS data from 1991 to 2019 and showed men are still outnumbering women in business ownership across the

Some businesses excel more than others, even if they are selling the same product with the same consumers. How do they do it, and how can other companies achieve those goals? At a recent Adobe event, Murray Howe, head of industry strategy APAC, discussed how high-performing experience organisations differ from

The emergence of the Internet of Things will challenge a business model that first emerged during the industrial revolution, and force businesses to think carefully about value creation and capture. That’s the view of Gordon Hui head of Business Design & Strategy practice at Smart Design who shared his thoughts