It is almost two and a half years since Marc Andreessen famously quipped in the Wall Street Journal that software is eating the world. It was a nice line from a venture capitalist intent upon justifying the valuations of his portfolio which included such clunkers as Zynga and Groupon –

The world is turning into the technology industry – or at least the business world is according to a new global survey of CEO’s by PWC The study called the 17th Annual Global CEO Survey, finds “CEOs are coming to realize that no matter their industry, they must now think

Bill Gates remains Which-50’s favorite tech entrepreneur. It’s not the company he built or the way he went about building it which frankly tested and broke the bounds of legality at times. It’s not the software – at least thrice a year Word or Excel crashes at precisely the most

Note the vaguely lurid headline, then read the shamelessly borrowed editorial copy and low calorie analysis that comes apart the moment you test the membrane. What better way to welcome the news that one of the standard bearers of new media – Business Insider started by former Doubleclick founder Kevin

Australia’s consumers are digital leaders but its business leaders are laggards. That’s our key take out from an interview yesterday with Frank Farrall lead Partner at Deloitte Digital. While local consumers frequently rank in the top five in the world for social media adoption, online shopping adoption and tablet adoption,

Most professionals rate their company’s enterprise social networking effort as a fail according to a new report by Deloitte and MIT Sloan. The study is a follow up from an earlier effort in 2011. The better news is that the latest results show progress, but that progress is still painfully slow.

Tumblr’s audience is young, affluent, engaged — and different. It is also worth a billion dollars to Yahoo!, assuming the company can translate its community’s enthusiasm into commerce at scale. Much has been made of Tumblr’s relatively nascent advertising business and too much has probably been made of all that