Ecommerce outfit and dotcom pioneer eBay will spin out its payment business, PayPal, by the middle of next year, and will list the business separately following the completion of a strategic review by the board. eBay acquired PayPal in 2002, paying $US1.5 billion for the business. It is set for

Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba looks set to eclipse the world’s biggest previous IPO — the 2008 of Visa — with a $US68 listing price that values the business at $US167 billion. The pricing reflects excitement around the IPO, and the confidence of the underwriters given that the price is at the

As data analytics takes its place at the heart of corporate strategic planning and daily operational execution, traditional business analytics companies are cleaning up, according to research by industry analyst Ovum. Most of the leaders in the sector — whom Ovum identifies as IBM, Oracle, SAP and SAS — are

Events companies are finding gold at the end of the social media rainbow. And Twitter has emerged as the most lucrative channel. According to an analysis of its events marketplace, platform provider Eventbrite has released data quantifying the monetary value and impact social media is having on the revenue of

Digital disruption demands a clear business strategy, leadership that cultivates an innovative workplace, and willingness to collaborate more deeply across the supply chain, according to Sarv Girn, CIO of the Reserve Bank of Australia. He was speaking at a Committee for the Economic Development of Australia function yesterday, where he

Digital is the new universal language of business, and technology is not an enabler but rather a source of innovation and opportunity, according to a paper by research outfit Gartner. In the paper, called “Six steps to build a digital business,” the authors — Ken McGee, Diana Morella and Lee

In an otherwise neat summary of the challenges in managing digital transition, McKinsey & Co. appears to miss a quite fundamental point. McKinsey assumes, as many do, that the primary forces are about marketing and that the choices are in a way linear. In fact, the heart of the challenge

Huge new business pressures will attend the fraying of boundaries between companies — and even industries — as new technologies cause companies, their business partners, customers and competitors to recalibrate their models, according to NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson. Indeed the evidence is already overwhelming in many industries, he told Which-50.

America’s fastest growing private companies as identified by the Inc 500 list outstrip their larger Fortune 500 rivals in the use of social media. LinkedIn is the most popular platform, Twitter offers the best future sales potential, Facebook is enjoying a resurgence, and Google+ is proving surprisingly strong according to

Thirty-five years ago, most people reading this article were either in full-time education – or not yet born!  It was long before the internet ruled our lives yet in 1979, Professor Michael Porter first published his simple yet ground-breaking framework for assessing competition within an industry.  It is commonly known