“The ideal Australian start-up founder is a photogenic late twenties white male with good school connections and understanding parents/partner, with a 30-second tech app pitch,” says Trish Hyde, managing director at The Plastics Circle, a plastic recycling company.  She doesn’t mean it as a compliment. Female founders still face significant

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It is not technology, but culture, that is critical to becoming a future-forward business. So says futurist Chris Riddell, the first ever Chief Digital Officer for Mars Incorporated and global futures advisor to the Australian Federal Police. During Genesys’ Humanity Reinvented: Beyond Tomorrow webinar, Riddell discouraged the audience of business

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Only 25 per cent of Australian organisations have innovation as a core value according to a new workplace innovation index. The index, commissioned on behalf of Ricoh StollzNow Research studied the challenges Australian organisations face through driving innovation and adapting to change. From that survey, 40 per cent of businesses

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Artificial intelligence has evolved to become one of the most overused and misunderstood terms in business while also offering the potential to be the driving force in business decision-making, automation, and scalability. Now is the time to develop strategies that set your business up for success for years to come.

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If your business is not data driven within five years you will not have a business, according to Annette Slunjski, Managing Director of the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia. She said, “We’re not going to be in the fourth industrial revolution unless we can start harnessing the data we have

AI is becoming an integral part of a company’s day-to-day operations, so much so that Norm Judah, CTO of worldwide services at Microsoft, says all companies will eventually become AI companies.   He said this was the same when Microsoft declared “every company will be a software company,” which nowadays

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Blockchain could form the underlying infrastructure of global supply chains by 2025, becoming ubiquitous in mainstream business in less than a decade, according to a new study. The study, Does blockchain hold the key to a new age of supply chain transparency and trust? conducted by the Capgemini Research Institute

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While often overhyped and sometimes misapplied, artificial intelligence is already driving genuine business outcomes, according to its advocates. Which-50 spoke with executives working with AI in an attempt to cut through the hype and understand how the technology is being used today. Nigel Watson, Google Cloud head of cloud technology

If you are embarking upon a truly transformative digital project, you might need to ditch the idea of a formal business case altogether. Meanwhile, tactical investments in emerging technology might be better considered as venture capital investments than traditional OpEx or CapEx projects. But tell your CFO to relax —

Business needs to change how it manages change, says McKinsey Traditional approaches to change management no longer apply in the context of today’s faster business environment with all of its demands for immediate results and no interruptions. So say the suits at management consulting outfit McKinsey & Company, in a