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Mobile app brand safety violations have grown by almost 200 per cent in the last year – as users’ content consumption patterns and corresponding ad budgets increasingly shift to mobile. The data is contained in a new report from Double Verify which also reveals that the number of CTV and

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Oracle Moat, the digital measurement side of the Data Cloud, has launched ‘pre-bid by Moat’ to help marketers identify brand safe, fraud safe and viewable ad inventory. The placement solution assess inventory for viewability and invalid traffic standards before a ad bid is made on programmatic platforms. The product is

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Move, the measurement arm of the Outdoor Media Association, has launched its new School Mapping Tool to ensure that products which are illegal for purchase by minors are not advertised within a 150m sightline of a primary or secondary school. Accurately mapping the locations and boundaries of over 29,900 schools across NSW, QLD,

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With digital advertising spend expected to hit $US300 billion by 2020 — representing almost half of the total advertising spend by brands globally — the quality of online environments will come under ever closer scrutiny. That point was reinforced in May this year when Cisco CMO Karen Walker pulled her


Youtube has announced new procedures to tackle problematic content and improve brand safety. The platform will introduce more human oversight and moderation of videos, and Bloomberg is reporting, it includes a new method of vetting premium content for advertisers. WHICH-50 Reader Survey: Help us improve Which-50 by taking our annual reader

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A poor approach to brand safety will cost companies sales according to a new study called “How Brands Annoy Fans.” The researchers looked at digital brand safety from the consumer’s perspective and found that consumers are punishing even preferred brands if they don’t use trusted media platforms or take active

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The Association for Data-driven Marketing & Advertising (ADMA) is launching a free education program for its members under its education arm, ADMA IQ, to tackle the issues of viewability, ad fraud and brand safety. It comes after allegations of ad fraud, admissions of mis-stated metrics and unintentionally funding Neo-Nazis have

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It’s not a good look for your macrobiotic crunchy granola-infused omni-sensitive global media brand when it gets plastered across a Polish hate video. Less-discerning YouTube viewers — is there any other sort? — might imagine that you, The Guardian, were throwing your resources and prestige behind neo-Nazis in ski masks.