The very best years for building tall ships were not during the buccaneering age of pirates and privateers. Instead, they followed the introduction of the steam engine — a coal-fired innovation that supercharged the transformation of commerce on the high seas. Before then, merchant vessels typically spent anywhere from 40

While companies have been forced to adapt to flexible and remote working requirements, the digitisation of business processes has become a crucial element in streamlining this transition. The Box deal to purchase the Dutch electronic signature company SignRequest is exemplary of the COVID driven acceleration of digital transformation. With the sector

Box revealed last week that it is buying SignRequest, a Dutch cloud-based electronic signature company, in a further challenge to Adobe and DocuSign who have traditionally dominated the market. It paid $55 million for the business, according to VentureBeat. It also reflects the opportunity for technology companies from the rapid

The shift to working from home arrangements for Which-50 readers in digital, technology, and marketing departments has been sudden, dramatic and close to absolute. Of the more than 30 executives we contacted for this story, 95 per cent said they are not going into the office at all anymore, and

Australian neobank Xinja will use Box to deliver bank statements and account data as a means of enhancing customer interactions via its mobile application. Xinja’s financial lending team will also use Box as a way of managing documents with customers. According to Greg Steel, chief information officer at Xinja, “We’re

   Businesses with experience of cloud computing are coping much better than those without, as the massive shift of knowledge workers from office environments to home working rolls out at unprecedented scale and speed. In a new APAC leader technology video panel produced by Which-50 and Boardroom Media this

Collaboration platform provider Box used its BoxWorks user conference in San Francisco which started today to preview enhancements to Box Shield and Box Relay, along with upgrades to its integrations with industry-leading vendors such as IBM, Microsoft, and Adobe. All the improvements were aligned to what chief product officer Jeetu

Best of breed solutions are starting to offer better integration than large incumbent software providers whose strength in the past was their offer of one-stop shopping. That’s one of our takeaways from comments made by Box CEO Aaron Levie at a pre-event briefing prior to his company’s user conference which

Companies increasingly say they want to obsess over the customer outcome, but what does that really mean at a product development level? This morning in San Francisco in a preliminary event for BoxWorks, Which-50 attended a panel discussion featuring the product leaders of four leading collaboration platform vendors; Jeetu Patel

If you are a market leader, enjoy your brief moment in the sun — because it won’t last in the digital era. That’s the warning Box Chairman and CEO Aaron Levie delivered to delegates at the company’s BoxWorks conference in San Francisco today. Business is fundamentally different today in terms