Higher education operates in a highly competitive landscape. Universities are increasingly looking to provide a better service to today’s tech-savvy millennial students. They have little choice after all these are consumers who demand a rich and seamless experience across multiple channels.  How universities adapt to these new conditions and adopt

Organisations today get data from a vast array of sources and in a variety of formats. Yet, only a fraction of data is known and used successfully.  For its part, Boomi, a Dell company, plays a vital role in helping organisations effectively use their known data, providing fundamental value to

Operators in the aged care sector along with other disability providers find themselves responding to new challenges and pressures, not just from the Royal Commission, but also from more onerous regulatory rules around patient data privacy. According to Deloitte Access Economics, “The Australian aged care sector is large and complex.

Australia’s utility sector is undergoing a period of significant transformation. On the one hand, new energy providers are emerging offering higher levels of service, and even changes in the way energy is priced and consumed. Just over the horizon is the looming impact of the new consumer data right, that

On time and under budget, with extra features squeezed in. That’s the result the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) experienced when adopting a new cloud strategy to alleviate constraints. Speed matters to the IT managers of colleges and universities. These educators are in just as much a hurry as their