Programmatic creative management platform Bonzai has announced a new partnership with Adobe Advertising Cloud. Indeed, around 200 sites are already using the integrated solution across Australia, New Zealand, and South-East Asia. The deal will enable marketers and advertisers who use Adobe Advertising Cloud to access Bonzai’s creative formats for their

Sell-side platform PubMatic has announced a partnership with Australian creative ad technology firm Bonzai to provide advertisers with high impact rich media advertising. Bonzai’s platform makes it easy for brands to rapidly develop and deploy many different create options across devices, allowing its clients to better exploit programmatic opportunities. Sign up to Which-50’s

Creatives have long enjoyed the comfort that a machine is unlikely to provide a substitute for their work. However, new AI-fuelled solutions are beginning to apply data science to the creative process, raising the question of just how creative can a machine be and are they a threat to traditional