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Access to consumer data is increasing but its use by businesses is becoming more opaque, a point underscored by a series of breaches and scandals last year. Despite the access many brands still struggle to deliver the high level experiences consumers now expect. It is a dangerous game for brands

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2018 was the year consumer concerns over privacy and how their data is used started to cause headaches for businesses that had convinced themselves their customers were satisfied with the service they were receiving in exchange for their information. Throughout the year, a series of global events have lead to

Throughout 2018 Which-50 has spoken directly to more than 500 C-Suite executives with responsibility for their organisation’s digital and business transformation strategies. More than a thousand have responded directly to our written requests for information about their work and their views. Across this senior executive audience set, three issues consistently

Well, that was quick. ADMA is once again on the hunt for a new managing director, following the departure of Ben Sharp who has exited the organisation after just two weeks. Sharp, who was formerly the boss of AdRoll in APAC, was appointed to lead the industry association following the

When your app, processes, and use of data are designed in a way that sends the police after your customers — even when they use your service legitimately — you have a problem. When that customer is the Managing Director of the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA), a leading

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Culture,  an often intangible and nebulous construct, is nevertheless the reason why digital transformation projects sink or swim. That’s the view expressed by industry leaders to Which-50 this week in a series of media events and roundtables in Sydney, and interviews with CEOs in the US and Singapore. “Culture is

Ex-AdRoll boss Ben Sharp has been appointed managing director of ADMA. The industry association is in the process of appointing new leaders following the resignation of ADMA CEO Jodie Sangster, who announced earlier this month she is joining IBM Watson. Sharp will commence as ADMA Managing Director on April 4th.