Emerging technologies have the potential to upend industries, but business leaders are often sold on the vision long before a technology is viable and widely adopted by consumers. But, being able to see through the hype and correctly time market entry can deliver a serious competitive advantage. There’s no crystal

The last-mile delivery is expensive and difficult. It’s also high stakes, a failed delivery attempt is enough to damage the customer’s perception of the entire shopping journey. In an attempt to ease these pain points, technology companies, retailers and logistics businesses have been piloting autonomous delivery robots to transport packages

Here it is in such simple terms that even the Board of Directors at a bank can understand. It’s the Loan Book, Stupid. Lending constitutes one third of the revenues of a typical retail bank, but recent analysis by Bain & Company and SAP Value Management Center finds that “…most banks have digitalized

Banks around the world are already reaping considerable cost benefits from the shift to digital and, in particular, mobile banking according to management consultants Bain. However, they caution, “Leading banks are still learning how to take a mobile-first approach to reimagine customer experiences in everything from buying a home to

Predictive media optimisation outfit Kenshoo has raised $US20 million in an apparently tightening money market, securing a valuation of between $US400 and $US500 million dollars. That’s a hefty increase on its valuation of $US300 just 18 months ago when it raised $US12 million. The raising was lead by Bain, which