B2B marketing leaders seem to be at a bit of a crossroads when it comes to addressing COVID-19, and the uncertainty it is creating for customers, through content marketing. Marketers are trained to write content that aligns to topics that capture customer attention, and there is no other topic that

Respondents to Gartner’s 2019 Tech Marketing Benchmarks Survey indicate that technology and service providers spend an average of 11 per cent of marketing programs budget on third party tradeshows and hosted event spend averages 6 per cent of the program’s budget. As a critical element of the marketing mix, cancellations

There is a saying in marketing, that B2B buyers are 80 per cent sure of what their decision will be before they enter the market. Nonetheless, many B2B sellers are relying on word of mouth to build their pipelines. There is a huge opportunity for those in B2B to enter

The era of Big Data is over. The era of Data Veracity is here to stay. Speed and accuracy are taking precedence over what was once the age of ‘more’ as B2B marketers strive to influence increasingly autonomous, empowered customers through personalised messages. With data as the lifeblood of business

Gartner’s Customer Experience in Marketing Survey found that the B2B marketers surveyed currently lag their B2C peers in CX, with only 61 per cent reporting that they compete mostly or completely on the basis of CX (compared to 69 per cent of B2C respondents). What’s interesting, however, is that in this

According to the latest Customer Experience in Marketing Survey 2017: Greater Expectations, Greater Challenges, in two years 82 per cent of B2B CMOs expect to mostly or completely compete on the basis of CX, compared with 76 per cent for B2C marketers. Meaning that competing on price and product or

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” – Ancient Chinese Riddle While this rather philosophical thought experiment deals with the question of observation and perception, it involuntarily draws parallels to one of the most significant tactical challenge of

B2B marketing continues to change, especially as its success is intertwined with the latest advances in marketing technology. It was not that long ago that all B2B marketers had to do was generate awareness for their products or services. They would tee up the leads for Sales and a certain

Last year, LinkedIn completed a research study examining the tech buying process in hopes of gaining a better understanding of IT purchasing committees and what’s important to them. The research found that there are more than ten million LinkedIn members who fit the traditional IT buyer profile, and nine out of ten

More than a million business to business sales people will lose their jobs over the next five years as self service ecommerce gains even more preference among the commercial buying community according to research outfit Forrester Research. The finding is consistent with predictions by McKinsey & Company two years that a