Australia’s next generation mobile network is presenting a unique opportunity for stakeholders to share the burden of infrastructure costs, according to Axicom CEO, Graeme Barclay. While 5G is being touted as a transformative network because of its higher speeds, low latency and “network splicing” — an ability to create subnetworks

The move from 4G to 5G  will be very different to previous generational jumps, according to a whitepaper from Axicom called ‘5G: How Ready Is Australia For The Next Generation’ , which investigates the impact of the next generation of mobile technology. “5G is different. Previous step changes, such as


The return on investment for 5G mobile technology “remains opaque” as operators weigh up how they can underwrite 5G’s significant investment with innovative use cases, according to a new white paper from Axicom. Some of these business cases have been examined and the early signs suggest there will eventually be

For city planners, the great promise of a 5G network is the ability to deliver on the promises of smart cities. While much of the technology required for smart cities already exists, the capacity for the technology to operate in real time across an interconnected network has been held back