The consequences of the microchip shortage are well known and not much can be done to solve the situation in the short term. As some see this shortage as a major hindering factor for the automotive industry in the coming months, there are high chances the long-term consequences will be

Ford has signed a six year deal with Google to revamp the digital technology in its vehicles, that will also see the companies collaborating on the automaker’s broader digital transformation and new business models for car sharing. Announced today the partnership includes Google becoming Ford’s preferred public cloud provider and

A “tsunami” of new technology is coming along with a new wave of capital from commodity industries. The ultimate winners will be the ones that can capture the talent and information needed to leverage it, according to OpenText CEO and CTO, Mark Barrenechea. His evidence of the value of business

In today’s digital world it has become critical to incorporate secure, personalised, and fully integrated self-service capabilities into every digital interaction. It’s no use updating an old, limited system with technology that can’t grow into the future as user needs develop and change. Internally or externally that won’t cut in

Artificial intelligence is powering the trends that will disrupt the automotive industry and presents a $215 billion opportunity for OEMs, according to a new report from McKinsey & Company. WHICH-50 Reader Survey: Help us improve Which-50 by taking our annual reader survey. You can also win prizes including Google Home,


Automotive and industrial companies have a tremendous revenue growth opportunity – in the range of $1 billion per company, according to analysis by Accenture. The opportunity stems from the need to develop a strategy that focuses equally on growth, profitability and, sustainability and trust. The forecasts are drawn from an

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Get ready for a surge in investment in AI for the automotive sector. That’s the forecast from research outfit Tractica, which said that while the market for AI systems is clearly in its infancy, a future of strong growth is virtually assured. Its study (the results of which sell for

As cars morph into computers and vehicles shift from being products to services, who will control the operating system? It is not an inconsequential question. Microsoft owned the desktop through the 1980’s and 90’s but Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS destroyed its monopoly on the most common personal IT product

It’s time for car makers to partner with software makers, or risk extinction says McKinsey & Company. The automotive industry is shifting from a vertically integrated value chain to a horizontally structured ecosystem, according to a new report from the management consultants. That means traditional OEMs must abandon strategies aiming

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The majority of car buying decisions are made online, but consumers still visit showrooms armed with more specific questions. That’s according to research from Accenture, which indicates that car dealerships have work to do on both online and offline fronts. Car buyers surveyed by Accenture stated that their expectations are