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Research from SAP Concur shows that Australian businesses are not prioritising cost control, despite opportunities for long-term savings. As businesses work to recover from the pandemic, SAP Concur’s survey shows that out of 19 strategic priorities in the survey, cost control ranked in 16th place.   According to Matt Goss, Managing

It's time to prepare for the supply chain oft he future.

Moving goods around the globe has always had its challenges. From a ship stuck in a canal to unpredictable international and domestic border closures, recent years have supplied an even greater test to what we thought we knew about supply chains. According to EY’s think tank, EYQ, the current linear

When Booktopia tried to raise capital in 2016, Tony Nash described the process as trying to sell ice cream on Bondi Beach on a blustery day. It’s progress was blocked by “the Amazon question” as the US ecommerce giant was eyeing its expansion down under.  Today however, Booktopia is Australia’s

Marc Andreessen famously observed, “Software is eating the world,” and according to Jamila Gordon, CEO and founder of Lumachain, so is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI and Machine Learning (ML) are well and truly ingrained in every industry. From healthcare, to agribusiness, to food manufacturing, AI is improving efficiencies and  productivity,

Between 30 and 50 per cent of stand-alone RPA projects initially fail, according to recent research — something Greg Eyre, Vice President, Australia & New Zealand at Blue Prism, ascribes at least partially to a lack of a transformative vision and overall business buy-in. There is a better way, he

One in four Australian organisations can’t find the necessary talent to implement their data solutions, significantly more than the global average, according to research from Accenture released today. Local companies have told Accenture the talent drought is holding back automation and agile work practices, with less than one in 20

Underground mapping drones and autonomous security robots are among some of the new technologies being shared with Australian SMEs as part of a COVID recovery program launched today by Australia’s science agency. The CSIRO is sharing some of its more easily adoptable, translatable and reasonably priced automation technologies with its

Blue Prism announced availability of its Automation Lifecycle Suite which the company says makes it easier to identify, deploy and scale automation and reduce the typical planning and design time by 70 per cent, delivering more value from digital workforce. Recent research released by Vanson Bourne shows that 66 per

Robots are helping humans pick up online grocery orders in a new Woolworths facility in Melbourne. Woolworths today announced it has begun using robots to augment the work of online order pickers in a purpose-built facility adjoining its existing Carrum Downs supermarket. The 2400sqm space uses automated storage units to

Australia’ shrinking workforce may be its biggest disruptor yet, according to automation vendors, who are positioning their technology as a way to offset the baby boomer generation’s upcoming “baby bust”. Bernard Salt, managing director of The Demographics Group, says UN population data shows growth in Australia’s workforce population is beginning