Sydney company Baraja has fulfilled its founders’ dreams by inking a deal to industrialise an idea first developed over a quiet beer in 2015.  Baraja will team with Swedish automotive technology specialist Veoneer to bring their breakthrough Spectrum-Scan™ LiDAR technology to autonomous vehicles.  LiDAR is short for Light Detection and Ranging. The

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Yesterday the United States, along with its Five Eyes partners and NATO took the unprecedented step of openly accusing China of a global cyberespionage campaign. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the Chinese sponsored attacks posed “a major threat to our economic and national security”. The statements came after

After yesterday’s 180-degree turn by the Queensland Chief Medical Officer, medical professionals and policymakers are being inundated with questions.  Yesterday Dr Jeannette Young flipped her previous position. She said, “We are not in a position that I need to ask young, fit, healthy people to put their health on the line

Research from the Institute for Management Development (IMD) reveals that Australia’s competitiveness levels have reached their lowest level in the past 25 years. Australia has fallen to 22nd place out of 64 nations in the global competitiveness ranking, slipping in the criteria of management practices, export sophistication, technological infrastructure and

Technology spend in Australia is forecast to total $93.7 billion this year, a 3 per cent increase from 2018. The growth will continue, with the figure expected to hit $98 billion by 2020, an increase of 4.6 per cent.  The figures are contained in Gartner’s global IT spending data, which

Australia fell one spot to 14th in a ranking of “digital competitiveness” for 63 nations, continuing a slide from being 9th in 2015 when the study began. Since then Australia has gone backwards on the study’s three main criteria: Knowledge, Technology, and Future Readiness. Australia is now in the bottom

Nearly a quarter of Australians are yet to use a government digital service, and of those that do only a little more than half are satisfied with the experience. The rate, based on a survey by Accenture, is worse than all other countries included in the study: the US, UK,

From today Australian Dropbox customers will have the option to store files locally within the company’s Amazon Web Services Sydney environment. The announcement, made in Sydney today, comes just a week after the company’s biggest user-facing changes to date. “Australia is important to us, both from a business standpoint, but

Automation in Australia can boost productivity to the level required to rekindle the country’s slowing economic growth, potentially adding over a trillion dollars to the economy, according to McKinsey.  But the technology could also put to 6.5 million full time jobs at risk, increase unemployment levels and further widen inequality.

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Last year venture capital investments in Australia hit a record high, skyrocketing 36 per cent to US$899.05 million. Globally VC investments set a new record, jumping from US$175 billion in 2017 to US$255 billion. The figures come from the quarterly report, Venture Pulse Q4 2018 published by KPMG. In the last quarter,