From today Australian Dropbox customers will have the option to store files locally within the company’s Amazon Web Services Sydney environment. The announcement, made in Sydney today, comes just a week after the company’s biggest user-facing changes to date. “Australia is important to us, both from a business standpoint, but

Automation in Australia can boost productivity to the level required to rekindle the country’s slowing economic growth, potentially adding over a trillion dollars to the economy, according to McKinsey.  But the technology could also put to 6.5 million full time jobs at risk, increase unemployment levels and further widen inequality.

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Last year venture capital investments in Australia hit a record high, skyrocketing 36 per cent to US$899.05 million. Globally VC investments set a new record, jumping from US$175 billion in 2017 to US$255 billion. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter The figures come from the quarterly report, Venture Pulse Q4 2018

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Amazon has reversed its decision to block Australian shoppers from, saying it has listened to customer feedback and worked out a way to comply with Australia’s GST rules for low value goods bought online. But retail experts argue the move was designed to kick start growth for Amazon’s local

Half of Australian and New Zealand (A/NZ) organisations are struggling to become more connected, according to new research conducted by Vanson Bourne. According to another study – this time by Grand View Research, the global iPaaS market will reach US$2.71 billion by 2025, with Asia Pacific to experience the highest compound

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India is set to overtake Australia as 4th largest online retail market in Asia Pacific in 2019, according to Forrester research. The analysts have updated their outlook for APAC’s ecommerce market with data showing that the region continues to be the largest for online retail sales globally, comprising both the

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A virtual assistant which aims to help users navigate the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) faces an uncertain future following reports that the projected has stalled. The ABC yesterday reported the rollout of AI assistant, known as ‘Nadia’ and voiced by Cate Blanchett, has been put on ice amid political

Taboola has continued its push into the ANZ market with the company today announcing it is increasing its programmatic native advertising business in Australia, partnering with AppNexus, RocketFuel, Criteo, StackAdapt, and MediaIQ Digital. In late March Taboola opened a regional office in Sydney. “Our programmatic native ad business is growing rapidly

Is Australia about to have its first Cyber Monday? The Australian retail industry has been reinventing itself to incorporate digital channels. Up until now, as a nation we’ve preferred traditional brick and mortar stores to do our shopping. But online retail is steadily gaining pace in the Australian market. So

Australia needs a broader social capacity for digital entrepreneurship. Our digital payday won’t deliver itself Let’s talk facts. The digital revolution, with all its optimistic projections,  opportunistic disruptions, and imaginative thinking, is far from  fulfilling its potential for growth. The World Economic Forum earlier this year said digitisation was on