A review of public sector cybersecurity by the national audit office has found Australia Post needs to improve its digital security. Currently it “has not effectively managed cyber security risks” and failed to meet the requirements of its own cyber security risk framework. The two other organisations included in the

Australia’s financial crime watchdog AUSTRAC has ordered the appointment of an external auditor to examine Afterpay’s compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (the AML/CTF Act). In response to the news Afterpay’s shares plummeted 13 per cent to $22.19 a share. The buy now, pay later scheme

Nielsen will provide the local digital media sector with its official measurement stats for the next three years after the IAB announced it as the preferred supplier this morning. The decision was widely expected.Indeed, according to an IAB statement, “A major factor in the choice of Nielsen was the proposal’s particular

The Commonwealth Government’s National Commission of Audit has recommended the adoption of a “digital by default” strategy to accelerate e-government initiatives under the control of a chief digital officer. The Audit Commission today brought down over 80 recommendations for the Government to consider at it looks to return the federal

Australian web sites will be audited using Comscore, after a late attempt by incumbent Nielsen was rejected by the Audited Media Association of Australia.Which-50 understands that Nielsen attempted to re-enter the process in recent months having at first refused to participate. However after the company made it clear it did