“Can you hear me? What about now?” It’s an increasingly common way meetings in Australia start as companies move to remote working during COVID-19. More than a third of workers report being frustrated by audio problems, according to EPOS, a high end headset brand that launched today in Australia.  The

There hasn’t been much good news out of publishing and media since the Great Recession, but one segment, recorded audio, is exploding everywhere, all at once. The US audiobook market recored 47 per cent year on year growth in the last twelve months. Audible Australia recently announced an aggressive push

For The Economist, podcasts serve the dual purpose of helping attract and retain subscribers, while the audio advertising pays enough to cover the production costs. Like many global business publications, in recent years The Economist has shifted away from a reliance on advertising to growing subscription revenue. It also recently

Advertising across digital audio platforms is maturing, with media buyers regularly placing ads in streaming services, experimenting with dynamic creative formats and beginning to embrace podcasts. 87 per cent of media buyers used ads within streaming services in 2018 according to IAB Audio Advertising State of the Nation Report which

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Spotify Ad Studio has launched in Australia, providing the tools businesses need to create and manage audio campaigns in minutes in a simple step-by-step process, with flexible budget options for small and medium-sized businesses. Sign up to Which-50’s Digital Marketing Newsletter The product allows advertisers to quickly create an audio

Two thirds of Australian media agencies are now regularly buying streaming audio, according to the latest IAB Australia’s Audio Advertising State of the Nation research. The report found the number of media agencies using podcast advertising regularly has nearly tripled in the last year (from five per cent in December