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Get your data story sorted, but don’t hold your breath for the perfect attribution model. It is still being built. That’s the view from the National Australia Bank’s Head of Media & Partnerships, Thomas Dobson. The good news is that when the resources are invested wisely the payoff is clear

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“You would think that the digital advertising industry has found religion given all the talk about the legendary ‘holy grail’ these days.” So said AdExchanger back in 2009, and seven years later things haven’t changed. We still talk like a bunch of “Da Vinci Code” fanatics on shore leave at

Walled gardens and cross channel measurement are commonly discussed hurdles to attribution, however one of the biggest challenges today is actually incrementality. That’s the view of Jerome Crochat, Quantcast Group Product Manager. Download the CMO of Tomorrow report produced by the Which-50 Intelligence Unit “With attribution now, marketers take all different parts of

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Having an effective marketing attribution model is one of the holy grails of modern marketing. With the need to (1) have access to, and (2) aggregate multi-channel multi-screen data it is a daunting task, and that’s not the place to start. Whitepaper via AdRoll and the Which-50 Digital Intelligence Unit: Building a

The disconnect between IT and marketing has been endlessly remarked upon, but less attention is given to another critical partnership. That between marketing and the data scientists. According to Tim Whitfield, “There is a very big disconnect between the science of attribution and the statisticians who build the models, and

In the field of attribution if you’re trying to get to perfection, you’re going to be disappointed. That’s the view of Adam Berke, president and CMO of AdRoll, the world’s largest retargeting platform who tells Which-50, “Attribution is not necessarily about being 100 percent right. It’s about being less wrong.” According

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Attribution and marketing mix modeling solutions measure the impact of marketing and media efforts, and suggest ways to improve that impact. Increasingly, marketing leaders use both methods — either in parallel or unified within the same platform — to expand the scope and precision of their measurement. It takes skilled

Kenshoo today released its new Infinity Tag which it says helps marketers better understand the role their digital campaigns played in customer transactions.  and importantly assign attribution. The tag itself is an upgraded conversion pixel designed to help marketers optimize their digital marketing campaigns . Infinity Tag elevates campaign performance by

Who gets to claim the sale? That’s the temperature raising talking point that has launched many a water cooler argument in marketing in the last week of any given quarter. Now two leaders in the attribution and social media space – Kenshoo and Hootsuite have announced deal that will enable

With attribution, a little learning goes a long way Marketers are struggling to turn attribution insights into action particularly during their initial efforts.  Partly that reflects the maturity of their experience, as many marketers embrace very elementary approaches to measurement to begin with. The good news according to a study