Despite a decade of disruption, Australia’s largest public companies of 2009 are still holding on to their positions at the top of the ASX100.  Australia’s newly-listed tech companies are starting to replace some of the traditional incumbents, but their failure to build genuine scale offshore is slowing their rise up

The Chinese tech industry is booming and one company is dominating. Tencent now holds a massive market share and even briefly passed Facebook as the world’s fifth most valuable company, with a US$529.9 billion valuation last month. The ecosystem the company’s WeChat app has developed means there’s potential for even

China is leading the mobile technology race thanks to pioneering technology and a generation of Chinese consumers who have known no other platform, according to AtlasTrend co-founder, Kevin Hua. “In China there’s 700 million mobile users and for many of these people it’s the first sort of internet device they’ve

The changes autonomous cars will usher in will be profound, according to AtlasTrend co-founder Kevin Hua. It may not happen quickly, but “we are already slightly down the path” and the eventual effects of self-driving vehicles will be considerable, he told Which-50. “Change is not going to be fast. But

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The gaming industry is not slowing down. According to AtlasTrend Co-Founder, Kevin Hua, gaming is now a $100 billion industry and it’s growing at 10 per cent per annum. Gaming organisations are also well positioned for an anticipated AI boom, he said. “Gaming is not just an application of computing.

Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple: or as the shorthand goes, GAFA. They are the four great global dotcoms against whom other aspirants are often measured. In this video interview with Which–50 Editor-in-Chief Andrew Birmingham, Atlas Trend cofounder, Kevin Hua describes the highlights for each of their recent quarterly results. As an Amazon


AtlasTrend continually monitors our investment universe for new opportunities for our Trends. These are our companies to watch and in the next article of our ongoing series, we introduce Nvidia Corp (NVDA US) and discuss how it is providing the power to process artificial intelligence (“AI”), augmented reality (“AR”) and

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Imagine a time in the near future where a diabetic can have their blood sugar levels assessed by a doctor halfway across the world or have their insulin levels changed automatically in response to what they eat and be able to receive medical advice without leaving the comfort of their

If you have shopped online in the last year then you are one of the hundreds of millions of people around the world helping grow this multi-trillion-dollar industry. But, how did the online shopping industry start? What does it have to do with a pizza? Is it recession-proof? Most importantly,

Digital Realty Trust (DLR US) recently announced the acquisition of publicly listed competitor, DuPont Fabros Technology (DFT US) for US$4.95 billion plus the assumption of debt totalling US$1.6 billion. Funds based on trends that have returned up to 20.9 per cent in financial year 2017 – Find out more here