Sometimes you have to kick the hornets’ nest. Our report into ad blocking, subsequently picked up by leading local ad title B&T (which has run with the issue further since then) has inflamed a debate at the top levels of the advertising industry world wide. The CEO of the Interactive

In very short order the advertising technology sector has spawned a huge and valuable global ecosystem. eMarketer for instance estimates the worldwide value of the digital ad spending at $US160 billion this year, growing to over $200 billion within three years. Not a bad result for an industry that has

The Australian Federal Court has ruled that film studio behind Dallas Buyers Club, Voltage, can’t send out scary piracy letters to the 4,726 alleged downloaders of the film. Voltage, who are known for being fierce copyright defenders, had previously succeed in their bid to obtain the name and address of those accused of

AdNear, the Singapore-headquartered location intelligence platform, today announced that it is rebranding as Near. Dropping the word “Ad“ is intended to emphasise the platform’s increased focus on using location data for much beyond targeted mobile advertising. Launched just over two years ago, the company initially started out offering brands the

Andy Clark, the former APAC VP of Limelight Networks is the GM of web tag outfit Tealium. He will be based in Singapore and will focus on expanding demand for real-time customer data solutions in the key markets of Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and India. The appointment follows the

For their first two decades marketing technology and advertising technology developed separately but in parallel. It was a cosy arrangement.. Generally speaking marketing tech acted upon a brand’s own content and channels while ad tech involved paid media. And brands tended to own and manage marketing tech directly whereas ad

The migration of internet usage from desktops to a plethora of new devices has ushered in a massive sea change in the relationship that brands have with customers, according to Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen. He was speaking today at the Adobe Symposium in Sydney to an audience of 1500 CMOs,

Bigcommerce has appointed Brent Bellm as Chief Executive Officer. He takes the role as the company moves to expand its product platform with enterprise-grade features designed to accelerate merchant growth. Current CEO and Bigcommerce co-founder Eddie Machaalani will remain with the company as Executive Chairman of the Board. Bellm was

Life would be so much easier without customers. Their expectations never stop rising, and in an era when cost to entry for many markets is effectively zero, new providers are helping to cultivate an environment of near comical disloyalty. (Ask any Groupon vendor, if you want to know what that

Analytics has overtaken mobile as the digital technology commanding the most attention from large corporates, according to a global new study by Accenture Digital. The study also found a potential link between digital adoption and profitability. Called “Growing the Digital Business, Accenture Mobility Research 2015”, the study sought the opinion