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Australian companies are either embracing intelligent machines within the workplace or are ready to embrace them, according to a new survey by professional service company Cognizant. 68 per cent of executives expect their workforce to be prepared to work with intelligent machines in the next five years as the technology

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Consumers say they would use artificial intelligence if it helps them save time and money. That’s the finding from a recent survey by Gartner. The survey found 58 per cent of respondents would use AI if it helps them save time by taking over some tasks and 53 per cent

Microsoft and Vision Australia have launched Soundscape, an app to help those who are blind or with low vision navigate their community through a 3D audio experience. This partnership is a part of Microsoft’s five year $25 million accessibility and AI program called AI For Accessibility. The product development group

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When it comes to implementing new technology often a good starting point is to look at whether it can be used to address a pain point in the business that hasn’t been solved before. That’s the view of Vectore founder Shamima Sultana, an AI specialist with a deep practice knowledge

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While often overhyped and sometimes misapplied, artificial intelligence is already driving genuine business outcomes, according to its advocates. Which-50 spoke with executives working with AI in an attempt to cut through the hype and understand how the technology is being used today. Nigel Watson, Google Cloud head of cloud technology

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Consumers are increasingly aware of the use of AI by organisations and are warming to it, according to research from Capgemini. But the study also revealed some significant caveats – most people want AI interactions to include another human, be transparent, and things can’t get too creepy. Sign up for

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Recently, an ex-colleague posted an interesting question: “Isn’t AI just software?” I thought this was worthy of a bit of discussion and exposition. So here it is: The thing that makes computers very exciting and powerful is that they are soft machines. That means that whereas most other machines (like

Alibaba claims their artificial intelligence model has bested humans for the first time in the world’s premiere machine reading-comprehension test, paving the way for more advanced consumer facing AI. WHICH-50 Reader Survey: Help us improve Which-50 by taking our annual reader survey. You can also win prizes including Google Home,

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By now, you’ve probably been warned that a robot is coming for your job. But rather than repeat the warning, I’ve decided to throw down a challenge: man against machine. First, I’ll imagine the best possible robot version of an Australian Chief Scientist that technologists could build, based on the

Like many professionals, medical executives would be forgiven for believing that a huge wave of Artificial Intelligence fueled transformation is about to disrupt everything about the way they work, and earn a living. The truth, as ever,  is a little more sanguine. Of all the professions, healthcare is likely one