The term ‘social media’ doesn’t even flow past the lips of Facebooks’s Stephen Scheeler, head of ecommerce and retail, Australia and New Zealand, (pictufed below) anymore as he told the audience at the Digital Marketing Forum in Sydney recently the word ‘social’ is starting to cark it. “I think ‘digital’

Large, “analog-era” banking and capital markets businesses risk disintermediation as the interest and investment in fintech startups runs red hot according to a new study by TABB Group. The view that traditional banking and capital markets firms remained largely impervious to the digital revolution has given way to a recognition

Whether we realise it or not, big data has a significant presence in all our lives. It’s time for Australia to catch up and take full advantage of the opportunities it presents. The growth of big data strategies in the private sector has been unprecedented in recent times; and I

Streaming video on demand (SVOD) company Quickflix has terminated its agreement to be a reseller of content for another SVOD service, Presto. The company made the announcement to the ASX yesterday, saying the agreement had not been met and was therefore terminated. “Quickflix is pursuing other opportunities in relation to content

So you think you know all about analytics? Patting yourself on the back about your latest cross-channel attribution modeling and the terabytes of data you’ve successfully corralled into a database? Time for a little perspective — because there’s big data and then there’s BIG data. While brand managers the world

ABC Shops across the country will begin phased closures as Aunty moves towards an online retail model. Disruption to CD and book sales – and huge government funding cutbacks to the national broadcaster brought the business unglued. In a statement anouncing the closures the ABC said, “This strategy aligns with

In one sense the skills needed for good data analysis are obvious, says Claudia Perlich, Chief Scientist, Dstillery and a six year veteran of the T.J. Watson IBM research lab. A demanding knowledge of statistics, advanced modeling techniques, coding  and experience with data. But she tells Which-50,  a great analyst needs

Who would have thought that the corner store – or whatever you think Woolworths is today – would be the fiercest of battlegrounds in globalisation and digital disruption? Woolworths is in shock therapy (translated: change CEOs) after the early inset of competition to what was a comfy, dominant Australian position

Who are the professionals that plan the social media strategies of the largest banks in the world? And above all, how do they do on their own social networks? In Alianzo we were wandering about all this, so we have decided to analyse it. We have selected 33 banks from

Programmatic advertising is surging in Australia. Agency spending increased from just $10 million in 2011 to $200 million last year and as AdNews pointed out earlier this year, that figure does not include direct spending by brands.  However it is important to remember these are early days and impediments remain.