Retweet Report: Politics of the Australian and Indonesian variety dominates The Liberal leadership spill along with the fate of two Australians on death row in Indonesia dominated the local Retweetisphere this week, although One Direction still managed to record the most popular post. Each week, KINSHIP digital and Which-50 take

Cost containment, efficiency and customer experience driving mobile banking adoption Retail banks around the world have escalated mobile banking to the top of the investment queue as part of a focus on  increasing sales and servicing effectiveness,  according to research outfit Ovum. Mobile is morphing in the mind of the

Skype and other services will cost the global telco sector almost $400B over the next four years The world’s telcos are set to lose almost $400 billion in revenues over the next six years due to the disruptive impact of voice over IP  services like Skype and Link. The figure comes

Open Data is already spawning to new businesses and huge value according to McKinsey & Company As much as a third of the three to five trillion dollars of economic value potentially released by the Open Data movement  in the next decade will come from establishing benchmarks to identify areas

The Chatter Report: a global digital consumer survey, the most socially engaged companies, big data and BYOD Accenture’s global digital consumer survey, Forrester’s views on BYOD and big data, a McKinsey report into how governments can help startups, and a LinkedIn study into socially engaged companies were the big research

  We’ve all been talking about how important mobile is, and here’s the research to prove it. The Adobe Digital Index Best of the Best Benchmark 2015 compares the overall average versus the top 20% websites as rated on six key performance indicators across eight regions and is a must

New research has found that Australians use the Google search function on their phones on average 12 times a day! The research was complied by ZeroDeskTop Mobile Analytics and appears – courtesy of Google – in the latest edition of B&T out this week. Says Lisa Bora, head of mobile at Google Australia,

“What we really want is for people to choose the bundle or the digital only, but we don’t mind which. Both of them are equally more profitable to us than the print only option,” says Michael Brunt, CMO and circulation director at The Economist. As things stand, The Economist has the best track

Data has become the lifeblood of the digital age, flowing into every corner of our lives and forcing authorities to review concepts like privacy and confidentiality. Senior sub-editor from creative agency Edge, Helen Eva, looks at both sides of the data coin. Data is the Big Brother who is watching and recording

  Consumer usage of ad blockers is rising steeply with the global installed base set to crack 200 million. The bad news for brands and even more so for traditional online publishers is that next year blocked ads will represent nearly $40 billion in lost potential revenue. Don’t worry, it