Data and analytics will be the biggest growth areas in marketing budgets in 2014, with 61 per cent of marketers in a global survey by’s ExactTarget saying they expect to see an increase in spending. The obvious corollary, marketing automation, comes in second — 60 per cent of respondents

From his office in Palo Alto, California, SAP global CMO Jonathan Becher fires up his corporate dashboard and in near real time he can interrogate how each of the software giant’s hundreds of products are performing in each of the 140 countries where it operates. Perhaps more importantly when he

There is so much to do. Digital transformation reaches into all aspects of the organisation. What began in marketing almost 20 years ago as a channel experience has now broken out into the open. The problem is that many companies are still struggling with how they should prioritise their digital

Humans are verbal beings, and respond best to narrative. Stories contextualise, frame and explain the meaning of quantified results – and help analytics teams gain buy-in and support from non-technical areas of the business. Alas, this storytelling gene isn’t all that common in analytical thinkers, as Neil Mason, SVP of