Late last month, IAPA, the peak body for analytics professionals in Australia, revealed the country’s top analytics leaders as part of its IAPA Top 25 Analytics Leaders program. Today we profile the inaugural #1 ranked Analytics Leader, Chief Data Scientist Matt Kuperholz.  Kuperholz delivers analytics insights to the PwC organisation

Machine learning and big data will produce the earliest wins for organisations utilising emerging digital technology, according to Sehida Frawley, SAP ANZ head of Digital Business Services. However she cautions generating value and confidence in the technology will depend on an organisation’s resources, technology “ecosystems”, and trust. Intelligent enterprises effectively

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It is a challenging time to be a marketer. Consumers demand more personalised experiences than ever, and for marketers it feels like the customer’s expectations just keep on rising. In such a complex business environment a sophisticated approach to data is the key to success. Download: The Data Driven CMO

It’s important to have a vision but remember to start small and prove the value of data-driven marketing quickly. That’s the advice from Patrick McQuaid, General Manager of Customer Data and Analytics at NAB. NAB started to overhaul its marketing operations two years ago, investing heavily in data and analytics,

An increasing number of businesses invest in advanced technologies that can help them forecast the future of their workforce and gain a competitive advantage. Many analysts and professional practitioners believe that, with enough data, algorithms embedded in People Analytics (PA) applications can predict all aspects of employee behavior: from productivity,

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It’s a good time to be an analytics professional in Australia, with the country’s best data analytics professionals earning almost $300,000 a year. Analysts with strong soft skills, in addition to their technical capabilities are in particular demand. According to the Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA) Skills and Salary Survey

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There’s a lot of development around skills, work practices and the approach to culture that needs to happen to move data and analytics practices from basic to transformational. Despite the hype around machine learning and artificial intelligence most organisations are still taking a traditional approach to data analytics, according to

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Adobe has announced a range of new features for retailers during the 2018 NRF Big Show in New York this week. First up, Adobe has launched a connector which allows marketers to pull in their big data stored in Hadoop into Adobe Campaign. This will allow marketers to leverage big

Data is the new oil — or maybe it’s an even more valuable asset — but companies are still working out how to cash in. The stories listed below show sectors such as entertainment, accounting, finance, marketing, law and even blood donation are placing increasing value on data analytics and the professionals

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In 2003, Michael Lewis published the best-seller, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, featuring the nouveau analytics-based approach to evaluating baseball players developed by the Oakland Athletics’ general manager, Billy Beane. In general the approach dispensed with hindsight-oriented metrics such as batting averages, strikeouts and walks, in developing predictive