Is Alphabet Google’s mid life crisis or an Apple iPod moment? Google’s announcement that it would rebrand itself and restructure into a new holding company called Alphabet, is notable not just for its news value – but its timing. ‘The Brand Formerly Known As Google’ intends to be a conglomerate

Car companies are like publishers, or the craft businesses that once made horse buggies: they are stuck trying to maintain a business model that is obsolete. They need to sell more cars, with higher-priced spare parts and more features, with built-in obsolescence, to make more profit. They build their brands

Ad viewability is a topic we’ve had to deal with great sensitivity when discussing with clients. As an industry we’re very comfortable revealing a problem when we have an antidote up our sleeve ready to solve it. With viewability however we have a challenge that’s been well documented by the

Wow. Media intelligence firm Isentia has announced it has acquired content marketing company King Content for a deal reported to be $48 million. The acquisition further diversifies Isentia’s services across owned and earned media in one of the fastest growing segments of the communications and marketing industries. King Content is

  By leveraging the intelligence and innovative technology available today, marketers can transform their teams into agile organisations. That’s the recommendation of a new paper called the “Kenshoo Guide to Agile Marketing: How to get ahead and stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape.”  (Download here.) We will be examining

Integration platform specialist MuleSoft has evolved its platform pricing model with a view to helping companies accelerate adoption of its software along with their pay off from the investment. The company is one of the new generation of digital platform providers, in this case offering an integration platform as a

Barely eight years ago there were no iPhones in the world. None. No Androids either.  Now the figure is closing in on two and a half billion. But do you ever stop to think about the impact. That’s the question Microsoft asked – and answered – in a presentation to

With the introduction of supercomputers such as IBM’s Watson and the SymbioSys underwriting engine, some in the insurance sector fear that underwriters will be replaced by off-the-shelf software. This article aims to discuss all aspects of underwriting, including but not limited to job description, prerequisites, and possibilities in technology advancements.

Forrester Research has pegged Adobe and Salesforce as the early leaders in the emerging Marketing Cloud software suite (EMSS) space although the researchers stress that these are early days. SAS, Oracle, Teradata and IBM all get the thumbs up, but SAP and Marketo have their work cut out for them,

A great deal is said about disruption, much of it presumptive of Schumpeter’s “gale” — the clichéd “creative destruction” — as a force for good. We don’t tend to think much about those incumbents who have the job of managing in disruptive times. So it’s a breath of fresh air to