Consumer usage of ad blockers is rising steeply with the global installed base set to crack 200 million. The bad news for brands and even more so for traditional online publishers is that next year blocked ads will represent nearly $40 billion in lost potential revenue. Don’t worry, it

Figures release by iResearch China demonstrate the extraordinary power Alibaba wield in the Chinese ecommerce market, where it controls nearly 85 per cent of the mobile shopping market. According to Resonance Chinas, “The numbers are impressive with mobile Taobao and mobile Tmall making up 84.5 per cent of China’s RMB

Disruption is happening. No point disputing that. And yet while companies are aware it’s happening, two years or more tend to pass before they react. At least that’s the view of Kai Riemer, chair of the digital disruption research group at the University of Sydney Business School, speaking at the

If you thought Flappy Birds was frustrating, how about this: one in five dollars spent on in-app advertising is never seen by human eyes. Given that US advertisers alone spent $US3.6 billion in-app last year, it’s a fair bet the total value of wasted marketing budget exceeds a billion dollars

More than 90 per cent of companies have increased their content creation activities in the last 12 months and eight of ten intend producing even more content this year according to eConsultancy. However in a blog on the company’s web site, Christopher Ratcliff says the corollary of the increase in

The Social Network is pwning it. Quarterly revenues now exceed $US2.5 billion and net income grew from $US219 million last year to a stunning $US642 million. And forget all the mutterings about whether its moment has passed — the 800 million people who engage with the service daily, and the

The analysts and the management consultants call them the mega-trends – market moves that are so compelling they change the rules for almost everyone. Normally the technology industry throws them out sequentially (remember client/server) but right now there are several mega-trends all interplaying together and multiplying the impact of disruption.

Australians are thoroughly wired into the matrix, spending over six hours a day connected to the internet with about a third of that time spent on social media, according to a compilation of data by We Are Social. But while mobile internet penetration is rapidly approaching 60 per cent, the