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As business has digitally transformed in recent years, data has increasingly come to the fore of the conversation. Yet the sensible application of data and analytics to improving marketing still tends to be more honoured in the breach than in the observance. The question that must be asked is, what

The rise of data-driven decision making has coincided with a resurgence of design thinking. Both processes are now seen as critical to delivering the ideal customer experience. To further understand the area we spoke to Joe Cincotta, director of Thinking Group. Read The Future of Marketing: Edition 4 Data-Driven Marketing 

Research by Capgemini and MIT has identified four overarching customer-experience archetypes: Hosts, Companions, Advisors and Directors. Of course the devil is in the detail and the real question is how can companies go about securing the best outcomes. For instance, are the smart application of technologies and the clever use

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As technological innovation accelerates at an alarming pace, the challenge of adapting and executing a winning customer-experience strategy can prove expensively daunting for many organisations. The largest gains accrue to firms that can incorporate great customer experience — augmented by digital technology — as an inseparable product feature to harness

Marketers get it — delivering great customer experiences is critical to a brand’s success. Over the last 12 months, ADMA and Which-50 separately and collaboratively have managed multiple roundtable discussions with senior marketing and analytics executives around Australia on the topic of customer experience. While the importance of CX is


In Sean Williams’ short story Among the Beautiful Living Dead, the super-rich have gifted themselves eternal life, at the cost of eternal boredom. The theme repeats itself through popular culture — in Anne Rice’s vampires with ennui and Iain M. Banks’s sci-fi civilisations so weary of living forever they ‘sublime’