Figures release by iResearch China demonstrate the extraordinary power Alibaba wield in the Chinese ecommerce market, where it controls nearly 85 per cent of the mobile shopping market. According to Resonance Chinas, “The numbers are impressive with mobile Taobao and mobile Tmall making up 84.5 per cent of China’s RMB

Chinese ecommerce giant has signed a deal with Bigcommerce to provide for the sourcing of products from’s extensive network of Chinese wholesale suppliers. Effective immediately, the Wholesale solution is available to Bigcommerce’s 70,000 stores and online merchants. This will give them access to more than 30,000 products

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has played a big hand today, spinning out all of the company’s $US40 billion worth of shares in Alibaba into a new independent company called Spinco. “The stock of the new company will be distributed pro rata to Yahoo shareholders, resulting in SpinCo becoming a separate

Having raised $US21.8 billion, Alibaba has set the record as the biggest IPO in the US. However, surprisingly, it is only one of two tech companies in the top ten. Facebook is the other. In both cases, investors were buying on extraordinary expectations, rather than traditional valuation models such as earnings

Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba looks set to eclipse the world’s biggest previous IPO — the 2008 of Visa — with a $US68 listing price that values the business at $US167 billion. The pricing reflects excitement around the IPO, and the confidence of the underwriters given that the price is at the

When Alibaba floats later this week, it is expected to be the largest IPO ever — exceeding even that of Visa in 2008. And while much of the attention will focus on the headline number in the early days after it it goes public, research outfit Ovum suggests that there

  A profile on Alibaba founder Jack Ma, Target’s omnichannel experience  and Twitter as a retailer were the three big conversation charters in the omnichannel social stream this week. But just as interesting were the sources of those shares; the BBC, a Target management conference and a pop music webzine.

China is looking more and more like an accelerating demon in contemporary commerce. Aside from all the obvious characteristics, its embrace of Singapore-styled capitalism is becoming almost theatrical in its breadth. We noted earlier the big bet placed by China’s telecom regulators in creating space for a local mobile phone

China’s bank regulators, having slept on it for a few months, have approved the entry of new players. But TenCent — the digital intruder that had its banking initiative put in limbo earlier in the year — will be required to bring partners to its venture. While initial reports suggested

Ecommerce giant Alibaba has purchased the outstanding shares in mobile browser maker UCWeb, in what it says is China’s biggest Internet merger. The company already owned about two thirds of the company from earlier transactions, starting back in 2009. In a statement translated by, Alibaba executives noted, “Today’s Alibaba