Commercial Airbnb listings account for 15 per cent of properties in popular Sydney and Melbourne suburbs according to a report by AHURI, conducted by researchers from The University of NSW and Swinburne University of Technology. The report, Technological disruption in private housing markets: the case of Airbnb, examines the extent

After more than two years of delay and political indecision, the NSW government finally laid out its plan to regulate Airbnb today in what has been described as “a party-room compromise“. Airbnb’s global head of policy, Chris Lehane welcomed the regulations, as “fair and innovative” at a press conference in

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At the same time Airbnb was trying to build a brand centred on the idea that “anybody can belong anywhere,” the reality for some guests was very different.  In 2016 The New York Times documented the discrimination experienced by African-American guests using the home-sharing service, which gave birth to the

It seems the reputation Australian consumers have as technology early adopters might be overstated, according to research by Amadeus. The researchers found that, despite Australia’s high smartphone penetration, Australian travellers are less likely to use their mobile phone when they travel compared to their APAC counterparts. The study — “Journey


The sharing economy will more than double in the next five years as players in more established sectors, such as transport and space, press their first mover advantage. That’s the finding of a new study by Juniper Research. Called Sharing Economy: Opportunities, Impacts & Disruptors 2017-2022, the authors forecast that the


The honeymoon is over for the gig economy. The loose collection of online platform companies – from Airtasker to Uber and Deliveroo – has long trumpeted its difference from the business norm, but is starting to lose its shine. Now these companies must own up to the limits of their


The NSW government is moving closer to finally clarifying the status of home sharing services like Airbnb (from one of which, coincidentally, this story is being written – albeit on the other side of the Earth.) A parliamentary report into short term rentals recommended support for the sector, which in

Sources within Airbnb have confirmed what industry analysts have speculated for years – Airbnb is not a lodging company. Sure, they offer more guest rooms worldwide than any hotel company and have turned this into a massively profitable business (while launching entirely new business models for smaller entrepreneurs to pursue).


Top marketers at Uber and Airbnb in Australia want their brands to be seen as more than just disruptors of the taxi and hotel industries. Speaking on a panel hosted by Marketo in Sydney this week, Benjamin Hallam head of marketing at Airbnb, said now that home sharing is a

Not all that many people use their Apple watch to order an Uber but it was important for the ride sharing service to give them the option so they could test the interface. Take our Which-50 reader survey and go into the draw for a chance to win a pair