Some companies are generating an increasing share of the profits in a way that is directly attributable to AI, and the best performers are likely to increase their investments setting up a world of algorithmic leaders and laggards, according to a new paper from McKinsey & Company. Called The State

Australia’s Defence forces want to use artificial intelligence to enrich their data systems with civilian sourced data, and to enhance their virtual reality modelling and simulations. The federal government on Tuesday announced a $10 million investment in artificial intelligence for the Defence forces. The money will go to Australian business

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More than 93 per cent of organisations employ AI and ML technologies with the leading goal of improving advanced threat detection capabilities, according to a survey by CyberEdge Group and Micro Focus. Furthermore, over  89 per cent of respondents expect to use or acquire a security orchestration and automated response

Most Australians report knowing little about artificial intelligence, few trust it and nearly all want it regulated with government oversight, according to research by the University of Queensland and KPMG. The consultants partnered with the University of Queensland’s business school to survey a nationally representative sample of 2,500 Australians on

Two megatrends – industrialization of AI platforms and democratization of AI – indicate that production workloads and high-scale AI applications are looming in the near future.  We recently published for the wide audience 2 Megatrends Dominate the Gartner Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence, 2020.  Industrialization of AI was covered in a

The perceived risk of artificial intelligence is linked to people’s location and profession, according to a new study, with those in the West typically much more concerned about the technology. In contrast, less than one in ten people in China say AI will be mostly harmful, and the majority believe

Local investment in Artificial Intelligence companies has plummeted in Australia this year even though the global average increased. A new investment program looks to bring Australia back up to speed by targeting AI scale ups. Australia’s first AI investment program Boab AI says data from Pitchbook shows total Australian venture

Australia’s AI and ML push is being driven by the financial services, government and retail industries, which use it as an analytics tool, according to VMware, one of the largest suppliers of the underlying technology. The three industries each need to deliver services at scale, and are increasingly relying on

Non-profit Gradient Institute and consultancy Ethical AI Advisory have signed an alliance to tackle the development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is both ethical and trustworthy. AI is the fastest growing technology sector in the world with more than US$35 billion invested in 2019, an 18 per cent


A partnership between the hybrid cloud and hardware leaders seeks to democratise AI and free up time for data scientists. VMware and NVIDIA today announced a broad partnership to deliver both an enterprise platform for AI and a new architecture for data centre, cloud and edge that uses NVIDIA data