Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not new. These days, it would be difficult to find a business that isn’t at least attempting to use AI. However, too often the development of AI is described in a similar way to traditional coding: “compiled,” “built,” and “run”. This implies that AI is built

Salesforce today announced Salesforce Sustainability Cloud, a carbon accounting product that will give businesses access to investor-grade data on sustainability initiatives and metrics. The tool will be generally available in December 2019, enabling businesses to quickly track, analyse and report reliable environmental data to help them reduce their carbon emissions.

In the next ten years, globally, we’ll see regulation, accounting and business processes involving the virtual world turned on their head. Here’s why: This is the second in a series of articles aimed at both professionals and the wider community. The first explained the notion of a ‘digital twin’ (a

Doing the right thing often brings business benefits further down the track, says Xero co-founder and Executive Director Rod Drury. For example, the software company’s efforts to build a diverse engineering team over the last decade have put it in a strong technical position to develop artificial intelligence that avoids

Artificial intelligence (AI), customer data platforms (CDPs), blockchain and real-time marketing are four technologies Gartner predicts will have the capability to transform how marketers run their technology ecosystems. Download: Strategy First – How marketers can avoid common technology pitfalls and drive real ROI Gartner has released its 2019 hype cycle

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Near, an AI startup that tracks consumer behaviour online and offline will use its latest funding round – US$100 million raised in July – to expand beyond its core marketing services. The company wants to apply its tracking and data enriching platform to new industries to help incumbents handle disruption

Leaders within Australia’s business community are asking their peers to weigh in on some of the biggest issues facing business today. At the top of the agenda is the future of work. The local chapter of Richard Branson’s B Team began to take shape in late 2017 and launched in

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Customers shouldn’t have to explain intent. Businesses should monitor what they are up to, so that customers can expect the same personalised attention from online shopkeepers as they get when visiting their favourite farmers’ market. Put simply, the online marketplace is fundamentally different to the physical marketplace. As customers, we’re

A shift in strategy post-GDPR has led to an increase in customer engagement with email marketing campaigns, according to a new study. The 2019 Marketing Benchmark Report details the latest trends in email and mobile marketing based off of 2018 data. It’s the first report to be released by Acoustic,

Artificial intelligence is allowing drones to spot and assist swimmers in distress. Ripper Group, an Australian drone services company, today announced it is adding world first autonomous capabilities to the drones used by the Westpac Rescue Helicopter program. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter “Little Ripper” drones are already