Uniphore says no matter who you are, where you are in the world, or which language or dialect you speak, their conversational service automation (CSA) platform provides the most sophisticated, accurate, personalised, and automated customer engagement tools available.  Ravi Saraogi and Umesh Sachdev co-founded Uniphore when GSM was leading a

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have become an increasingly common tool for contact centres and other businesses to leverage in their operations in recent years. According to Deloitte, the AI ‘early adopter’ phase is ending as the market moves more into the ‘early majority’ space, driven by the technology maturing. However,

  Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are modernising banking and financial services by better informing consumers and streamlining the lending process. In today’s minicast we hear from Tony Thrassis, CIO at Frollo, about how ML and AI are accurately analysing unstructured data sets to assist consumers in making

Research by ManageEngine reveals that Australian and New Zealand businesses are increasing their AI usage despite lacking confidence in the technology’s capability.  The survey results show that upwards of 86 per cent of ANZ based organisations have increased their use of AI technology in the last two years but more than

This very publication was founded on the age old adage: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half” A new business is trying to answer that question, which 50% is working? Former advertising executives Matt Farrugia and Henry Innis are the

Women in AI Awards 2021

Today marks the announcement of the annual Women in AI Awards for 2022. Women in AI is a global community of over 6000 members from 115 countries, with the Australian and New Zealand awards now in their second year. The Women in AI Awards 2022 will culminate in a gala

It's time to prepare for the supply chain oft he future.

Moving goods around the globe has always had its challenges. From a ship stuck in a canal to unpredictable international and domestic border closures, recent years have supplied an even greater test to what we thought we knew about supply chains. According to EY’s think tank, EYQ, the current linear

Capgemini and Efma recently released their World Insurance Report 2021, highlighting the implementation of emerging technologies including AI and VR to better engage customers.  The report collated insights from 25 markets, and found that more than 60 per cent of executives surveyed have noticed an impact on acquisition efforts as

One of the pandemic’s harshest lessons for businesses was a severe lack of scenario planning. According to Accenture, this meant that when the crunch came, supply chains were unprepared for disruption. Carter McNabb, Managing Director of Supply Chain & Operations at Accenture, says that one of the key ways that

To better understand the use-cases and impediments of AI across different verticals we hosted a panel with three AI CEOs in healthcare, agribusiness and food manufacturing: Dr. Michelle Perugini, co-founder and CEO of Presagen, a health care company building scalable AI across women’s health products Fiona Turner, co-founder and CEO