Cape York indigenous rangers and Australian scientists are protecting turtles in far north Queensland by identifying and mapping nests and predators with drones, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. The process saves hundreds of hours of manual work and is helping stabilise turtle populations in Cape York. Feral pigs have been

Australian startups using artificial intelligence to optimise supply chains, improve access to patient care, and monitor employee mental health are among the first cohort of local AI scale up program Boab AI. Boab AI announced the inaugural group today as well as the commencement of its $100m Boab Global AI

Australian scientists have shown artificial intelligence can exploit vulnerabilities in a person’s habits to influence their decision making.  According to the researchers involved, the study shows the need to further investigate the ethical consequences of the technology, which is already widely used, rarely regulated and has inconsistent governance in the

Business leaders expect the private sector will fail to provide the governance necessary to keep artificial intelligence in check, and governments will be forced to take over within five years, according to a new global poll of 1350 c-level executives. Most in the c-suite (65 per cent) said the current

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Data privacy and security is viewed as a primary barrier to AI implementations, according to a recent Gartner survey (see Survey Analysis: Moving AI Projects From Prototype to Production). Yet few organizations face these issues head on. Risk Management is generally an afterthought when it comes to AI projects, much like

While it’s transformation is not as widely discussed as sectors such as media, finance, or retail, the automotive industry is also riding the crest of a wave of technology-fuelled disruption. Automotonous driving, electrification, and data analytics are recasting the experience of customers, while new business models like ridesharing have changed

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Most headlines on AI focus on self-driving cars, real-time translation, and facial recognition. However, the most immediate opportunity for Australian enterprises is using AI to dramatically upgrade their existing operations, says Gavin Whyte, CEO of Spalla AI. Apple is reportedly using AI within every division, from marketing and sales to

The “technology risk” that surrounded artificial intelligence and the companies relying on it is largely gone, according to Blackbird ventures, a leading Australian venture capital fund that controls $1.24 billion in capital.  Blackbird cautions, however, the technology must be matched with adequate access to data to attract capital. In August

Some companies are generating an increasing share of the profits in a way that is directly attributable to AI, and the best performers are likely to increase their investments setting up a world of algorithmic leaders and laggards, according to a new paper from McKinsey & Company. Called The State

Australia’s Defence forces want to use artificial intelligence to enrich their data systems with civilian sourced data, and to enhance their virtual reality modelling and simulations. The federal government on Tuesday announced a $10 million investment in artificial intelligence for the Defence forces. The money will go to Australian business