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Facing a future filled with uncertainty, businesses know they need to transform but building the workforce required to  realise that goal is an ongoing challenge. According to Mercer’s Talent Trends Global Report, when it comes innovation, 96 per cent of companies are planning organisation redesign, yet only 18 per cent

Agile methodologies are the key to delivering flawless customer experiences, according to Aussie startup Cyara’s chief technology officer Luan Tran. In an exclusive interview with Which-50, Tran said the customer focus was driving the shift to agile but Australia is lagging. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter “A truly

Non bank attackers are treating payments as a beach head for an assault on the wider banking relationship according to McKinsey & Company and they are succeeding in defining the standards for digital banking. The insurgents range from small nimble startups to large telcos and according to the management consultants

Customers are an unreasonable lot, and digital has made them more so. They want their information when it suits them, and they want seamless integration across the whole omni-channel experience — shops, call centres, mobiles, computers and tablets. Marketers need to tap that sentiment to sell more widgets, and companies

From his office in Palo Alto, California, SAP global CMO Jonathan Becher fires up his corporate dashboard and in near real time he can interrogate how each of the software giant’s hundreds of products are performing in each of the 140 countries where it operates. Perhaps more importantly when he

Amway, the world’s leading multi-level marketing company has embraced a digital approach to its marketing in response to a dramatic change in the profile and behavior of its audience. By setting up a digital bookstore it has been able to significantly reduce operating costs by cutting back on its print